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Sports & Politics, by Jae Michael
Friday August 22nd at 2:00pm

A live public affairs program focusing on investigating and analyzing environmental issues from a global perspective.

Friday August 22nd at 2:30pm
Today Kkitty interviews the dynamic new president of the National Teachers Union, Lily Garcia, who is very critical of standardized tests and has called for the resignation of education secretary Arne Duncan. Kitty also interviews a teacher and student...
Friday August 22nd at 3:00pm

Counterspin provides a critical examination of the major stories every week, and exposes what the mainstream media may have missed in their own coverage.

Friday August 22nd at 3:30pm
From family friends and trusted confidants to the present day, Nomi Prins, journalist and a former managing director of Goldman Sachs, retraces the relationship between American financiers and presidents stretching more than a century.
Friday August 22nd at 5:00pm

INVESTIGATIVE News Radio every weekday. Listen to Flashpoints en Español every Friday at 5:45pm.

Friday August 22nd at 6:00pm

The Evening News on Pacifica broadcasts each weeknight from the studios of KPFA-FM in Berkeley, the nation's first listener-supported radio station.

Friday August 22nd at 7:00pm

A community radio show featuring pieces by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program.