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Amy is amiss

Amy Goodman continues to refer to illegal aliens deceptively and euphemistically
as undocumented aliens and always as if it is somehow wrong that the government should
deport illegal aliens. In effect, Ms Goodman is advocating illegal activity for some arcane agenda that just happens to be contrary to law, popular sentiment, good sense and whatnot.
Stop it already Amy. It is not as if the US has embraced harsh racist practices such
those now adopted by Israel in the matter of illegal aliens. This is a nation of laws.
Most of the apparatus of manufacturing has been packed up and shipped to Communist China; we are now greatly deprived of what was the true wealth of the nation and was
the basis for having immigration. The Jewish agenda of making White people a minority
through an artificially created and enforced 'multicultural' scheme was never and is not now a legitimate national agenda, any more than packing up the factory machinery and shipping it to Communist China. Stop it Amy, Stop it.
I listen to KPFA in the hope of hearing accurate news; stop it with the Jewish agenda of lawless immigration for America; if you want a racist state that is over the top in
abuse of illegal immigrants you have Israel's new horror for targeting non-Jews who are immigrants there. Talk about that and stop encouraging your hapless listeners to believe enforcing American immigration laws is somehow wrong when your Wall Street has moved our factories to China, there are ever fewer jobs here;
your plan is an imposition of an alien Tower of Babel on America and all with
a US government firmly pinned under a harsh thumb of a hugely funded agency of a foreign government, AIPAC. Stop it Amy.
At this point I could weep almost anytime I listen to morning Pacifica radio when I think
of how it's founder who had to endure the hardship of being a conscientious objector in a
WW II of massive propaganda supporting an unnecessary war; and oddly enough has continued unrelenting on the American people so long after that war ended. His vision, the founder of KPFA Pacifica, was one of anti-war, of countering those who push for wars by truly informing the listeners of the issues and powers and people and points of view really involved, in plots and plans to create wars; but his hard work was hijacked by what has emerged
as a Zionist-Jew iron grip on Pacifica pushing an agenda fundamentally designed to destroy America by turning it in to a "post-manufacturing" land of poverty while pushing wars on the world in some apparent scheme for the augmentation of global power by
a Jewish Israeli racist rogue entity whose agents are intent within America of depriving our
people of even free speech, not just the wealth of the nation. So I am using free speech while
I still may. Just recently here in California, some faux representatives of some CA constituencies tried to foist the first step of making it illegal to criticize the rogue racist state
of Israe, the center of world organized crime,including many years of selling hapless Palestinian people's body organs on a world black market, not just in Brooklyn and New Jersey.
They, our CA traitors, may as well just try to pass a resolution saying that TRUTH ITSELF is anti-Semitic. It is beginning to seem that way.
Pacifica's founder must truly have died in misery if he had come to see his dream was hijacked and subverted to all the very forces he had dedicated his life to expose.
Amy has her eye on the wrong ball.

JJB ... This is a Nation of

JJB ... This is a Nation of Immigrants ...There should be nothing illegal about anyone wanting to travel or migrate anywhere. It is VERY WRONG of any government to deport anyone, other than for criminal behavior. WTH is legal JJB? You say so many good, great things and yet fail miserably with seeing the "Ball" Amy has her eye on!

Reply to Amy is Amiss

If you don't like it don't listen. I think she is doing a fantastic job!

Wouldn't you be better off posting this screed

on Democracy Now website! You cannot call the people who listen to KPFA and Democracy Now "hapless listeners". We want to get news and information from non-corporate sources and this is an excellent one.

Is there somethingcreepy about UCB School of Natural Resources?

Re: Oct.24, 2012
Is there something insidious about UC Berkeley's "School of Natural Resources"
Dr. Zilberman an Israeli professor from this institution was pushing GMO interests
on Democracy Now today; pushing the rank corporate dominance agenda
fundamentally hostile to humanity.

This is the second time I have encountered mention of agents from this suspicious pocket of UC Berkeley, formerly a Department of Agriculture, now evidently a department of corporate
agenda interests.
The other professor was/ is a lawyer whose specialty was said to be in the matter of ethics and the law. He was included on the 'team' of the California Council on Science and Technology, CCST, which produced the deceptive report claiming that wifi smart meter
devices are safe, and did so by basing their conclusions on the 1992 created FCC regulations and ignoring the last 20 years research evidence which clearly indicates
harm from Ultra Low Frequency EMF radiation which in fact has been found to cause DNA damage and Blood Brain Barrier damage with extended exposure such as a utility meter on the home will provide. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has created a position paper strongly urging caution in ULF technology deployment and wrote the CPUC a letter in Jan. 2011 strongly urging the [rogue] commissioners to stop deployment of the devices; the commissioners ignored the AAEM letter.
The CCST evidently utilized the UCB attorney professor to craft a report
with misleading conclusions with an eye to the ethical equivalent of plausible deniability
provided by the UCB School of Natural Resources attorney professor.

Is there something super creepy about the UCB School of Natural Resources?

Does Democracy Now's website permit comments?

I just went to to post a comment regarding today's Democracy Now program which I listen to periodically on KPFA. However, I could not locate any place on that website to make a comment. They must assume that commentors will comment on their local radio stations or wrtie a USPS letter to Amy Goodman...


people who are suspected of being here illegally must first go before a judge who decides if they are here legally or not at a deportation hearing.if he/she decides that they are then the"stay" is illegal,not the foreigner.

Illegal aliens should not be

Illegal aliens should not be dealt with like some sickness, adjust to the new times already!

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