Economic Update

Economics Professor Richard D. Wolff and guests discuss the current state of the economy, locally and globally. The program explores alternative ways to organize, markets, and government policies.

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worries, worries

Dear Professor,

I am interested in your thesis that productivity is the answer to the problem of inflation. If I understand correctly, it is somewhat similar to the theories of the Modern Money school and those of Ellen Hodgson Brown (Web of Debt) who would have the government inject money directly into the economy for work done. I like these theories—though I know they are not necessarily Marxian—but what concerns me is that they seem to lack a solution to the problem of the over-consumption of resources in the western world as well that of the inevitable decline in the need for human employment that comes with the advance of technology.

Thanks for your program. I would love to hear you address these problems, if you believe that they are such.

Peter Hill

chris who?

Who was great guest "Chris" on show just concluded?

Bumper Music

What was the name of the blues song played between segments. It referenced being treated like a terrorist, in the lyrics.

Copyrighted music and length of archive

Dr. Wolff, I would recommend taking out the copyrighted music (or not using it at all for the breaks) and have the archive be available for much longer. KPFA policy dictates that all programs with more than 30 seconds of copyrighted music will only be archived for 14 days on

economic update

I already pledged, but want to give a thumbs up to Richard Wolfe and say,'great show'

Specific network topology to supplant economics?

Appreciate the references to lots of information in your shows, some of value to me. Been considering the validity of economics as a science and find it seriously lacking and possibly inherently opposed to placing much value on ecological concerns. There may be a sort of idealized network topology used by tens of billions of smart entities (neurons of our associative cortex) that allows functioning with least amount of subjective bias corrupting. It also appears to allow the sharing of all by all without any tokens exchanged. It's possible it could be realized socially as an honest to goodness social networking application for the internet unlike some functions that call themselves social when they are actually private interests. Lots of difficulty with just figuring out which terms are cogent. I find capitalism, communism, democracy, economics, and more terms perhaps under the umbrella of politics are too indefinite, The proof, of course, will be in the tasting of the pudding, so to speak. The taste of the pudding we experience now seems kind of like a rich collection of quickly mortal poisons depending on how much you attend to epistemological relativism.

Thanks for carrying the banner so high

Your work is special - keep it up!

I would like to hear some of your views/ideas/analysis on globalism/neoliberalism (worldwide and at home) tied to the possible destruction of our niche in time as humans beings living/surviving in the biosphere..

Pollution, resource exploitation/wars, climate change and nuclear disaster might be highlighted.

All this from a Marxist point of view, of course.. I see socialism as the only way for mankind to save ourselves from our own destruction as a species... The human condition and its situation has gone far beyond just a question of a fair and equitable class struggle now..

How should socialists address this issue is really my question

Thanks again




What's the documentary called that you were promoting us to pledge for? I'm really interested but I can't recall the name of the documentary! Thanks! Great show!

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