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Brian Edwards-Tiekert is a radio journalist who has won multiple awards for his feature reporting and radio documentary work on environmental issues. He's the former co-host of The Morning Show, at the time KPFA's top-rated local program.

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I am disappointed that Brian is back. I have found his tone derisive and condescending all the way back to his segments with Andrea Lewis and Philip Maldari. I'd like Democracy Now in that spot until a better programming/host can be developed.

Derisive, condescending, disengaged

Indeed. These are descriptors for the faux objectivity lauded by the KPFA News Dept and Brian epitomizes all of them.

David Bacon on UpFront

It is so nice to hear David's voice on Up Front. I have missed his view of labor on the morning shows since the changes were made a couple years ago. David Bacon's international and broad perspective helps us to understand the larger scene and how labor issues are all interconnected. No other coverage has been as comprehensive, detailed, professional and informational. Now when will we get Reyna Cowan back to tell us about films? I heard her on the Saturday show the other day, but miss her in the mornings with her regular coverage of films. Oh, yea, there's also Jennifer Stone's commentaries that were dropped when programming changed... Great show Brian and Sonali!!


Please, please, take Tiekert of the air so I can listen to KPFA in the morning again and resume my support of the station. I just can't donate a penny knowing that it somehow compensates him.


I agree.
A long-time supporter of KPFA, I had to pull the plug. The combination of the food fights and the he said, she said diatribes just about did me in, but the self-promoting line on the UpFront page shifted the balance. This is a quote--"He's the former co-host of The Morning Show, at the time KPFA's top-rated local program." Who is in charge over there?

Love Up Front

I'm really perplexed by people who don't enjoy this show. Democracy Now has not gone away and I found Al Jazeera English to be the same news one finds on most networks.I can only imagine that there are station politics at play here by people voicing such unhappiness with the show -- I can't see how it could genuinely be in response to the actual programming of Up Front which brings in great sources and the manner of interviews are thoughtful, deep and far reaching.


Please give greater emphasis to domestic issues, especially public education. I don't care so much about Pakistan as I do my neighborhood schools.

Jews ran the Black African Slave Trade; Jews of Newport RI,

Jan. 18,2013
I am amazed that the program today talking about the Black African slave trade refer to White people running the slave trade. Jews were the dominant players in this slave trade and it is misleading to say White and not Jew. t is amazing that the fact that Jews were predominant players in the slave trade was suppressed info for so long but THE SECRET RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLACKS AND JEWS, a book published not too long ago revealed the vast role of Jewry in this slave trade; including the Dewolfs. Rhode Island, especially the Jews of Newport, RI was a major origin of slaver ships which made a triangular voyage to Africa, then to ports in the South to sell the slave cargo and usually buy sugar and cotton and return to RI.
Here is an excerpt of the book:
On video google there is an excellent lecture by Black history professor Tony Martin on "The Judaic Role in the Black African Slave Trude".

Why I cancelled

He's the former co-host of The Morning Show, at the time KPFA's top-rated local program.
MY REASON for canceling my membership...Not Brian personally, but his narcissism.

interview with Mike Rose

I have appreciated Mike Rose's writings, and it was a real pleasure to hear him speak on your program. Thank you.

UpFront !

I like Brian Edwards Tiekart. I loved his interview with Howard Jarvis Tax guy a few months ago - that Howard Jarvis lawyer had his talking points, was so self assured and smug, probably because no one had ever asked him tough questions - but completely unprepared to answer the tough questions. That was courageous.

I loved his recent interviews with David Bacon and Gavin Newsome, for example. He's always interesting.

Tiekart's smart guy, though he doesn't a have radio voice he is extremely knowledgeable and keeps us aware of local government and corporate abuse. Keep up the good work!


UPFRONT is an excellent program. Brian Edwards is courageous and prepares so well for interviews. I am a reporter (Russian River Times) but Mr. Edwards is my hero. He is unafraid to ask the hard questions, and the topics are common to us all around the Bay Area. What about a segment on the "selling of Sonoma county to vine developers?" Congratulations

Piedmont & Montclair Suffer Injustice

BOOO WHOOO!!! Poor rich people are not getting enough police protection in the hills of Oakland! My heart goes out to them! Their rich material goods are being threatened while OPD stalk, harass and murder poor black people in the flats! Such injustice!

up front, interview 8/16/13 at about 7:45 am

I have done this several times now. I hear something on KPFA and wish to find out more, or simply the names and references that go by too fast to record. This morning, I heard an interview by Sonal with a professor of neuroscience I believe, named Cole, who was doing research on happiness, and the difference between the two kinds of happiness, and how they affect the epigenome. I come to this site to find some information, and NONE ABSOLUTELY NONE EXISTS. Can you not correct this? Can you not have a lineup of the people interviewed on such programs? It would help immensely. Not having it leads to frustration, anger, and eventually leaving KPFA altogether.

Use of Google buses

Tim Redmond's comments about the "plebeian classes" and so forth undermines his position. His hostility to new SF residents is on his sleeve, and those people have done nothing to earn this besides having good jobs and wanting to live in the City.

At h/m/s 00:31:20 Reich

Watch this about Robert Reich's neoliberal complicity:
-> http://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/99830#comment-27069

Wed tax story

Corporations pay less taxes-workers pay more. Great story but dated analysis. Reality much worse. GE pays no taxes old story-many have. 'zeroed out', meaning their tax write-offs equaled liability on profit. Starting with Reagan corporations allowed to'sell' excess deductions. to other corporations-thus profit off excess deductions. Nowadays these corporations
rece REBATE payment though nothing paid...translation..corporations receive tax funds paid by workers..tax day = pay day..pay nothing ..get money. Take poll..difference between REFUND and REBATE..few understand

Education Reform March 13, 2014 Show

I was very impressed by the "real" questions Brian asked in this show today. I get so frustrated when corporate media hosts brush around the real issues and never seem to ask the Up Front questions they need to be asking. I was cheering Brian on every time he asked meaningful, thought provoking questions such as why are so-called government education reform programs recommend practices that private schools for rich kids will never implement, why is there such an increased interest in education philanthropy from billionares, and why are all these "experiments" in education being conducted on poor kids? We always need to ask Why. And I'm so glad journalists like Brian Edwards-Tiekert do that!

opening song

Hello. What is the opening song for this show that has the complex trombone and mallet melody?

Please provide more info about your shows/guests on your website

I really enjoyed Up Front this morning but am frustrated that nowhere do I see the name of - or information about - your guest - Israeli historian Elan somebody. Please provide on your website some introductory background information and full names of people you have on your show in case we want to do additional research, etc!

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