Twit Wit Radio

Responsible Anarchy: A rotating cast of  humor workers mock and mash media spin in a mock game show format. Teen comic Berkeley KID is the show host. Listeners are invited to tweet Twit Wit" @twitwitradio during the broadcast. Half true more or less 100% of the time.
 With comic performers, Lorri Holt, James King, Kelina Lobo, Carol Denney, Ken McGee, Aasha Dev, Kyle Choate, Paul May and Zinga1.  
Produced by George Coates. 

Listener Comment: "Very creative. I don't think I've heard anything quite like this.There is something really special happening here."

Live on KPFA at 06:30 PM Pacific Time: Sundays
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Best Show on KPFA!!!

Thank you for airing this wonderfully subversive, hilarious program! (Please don't replace with ANY other programming!)

"A new entertainment program

"A new entertainment program featuring a cast of improvisational comic actors and an online writing staff of listener humorists aka Twit Wits. "

- yeah right. I guess i am really loving it then.

That was really cool!

Loved tonight's show, Harry Sheerer-esque, fascinating experiment in randomness and pattern making, with lots of space for serendipity. Bravo.



hillarious show...regan etc...thanks and keep getting creative and fun fun funny....

TwitWit Radio

This is GREAT!! Finally, some real talk radio, without fascist corp bs. Please leave this in the schedule. It makes Democracy Now sound like propaganda straight from the white house. Take off Amy Goodman and keep this and actually do some good for the world.

Very creative

I caught the last 10 minutes or so on 9/22/13...I was completely absorbed. Even though I don't agree with 100% of the themes floated, there is something really compelling about this format and the rhythm that arises from the round-robin dialog. It feels improvised and yet completely scripted at the same time. The ideas are rapid fire, yet each gets framed. I don't think I've heard anything quite like this.There is something really special happening here. Off to download some archives...

Sunday Evening Twit Wit Radio Program

Kudos to the Twit Wit cast! The show manages to balance real life situations with humor and grace. The satirical writing is creative, the music well matched, the scenarios extraordinarily played out. The Fund Drive, normally an intolerable annoyance, is anything but on Twit Wit! I caught the humor last week surrounding a Million Dollar Challenge. It was a shame the cast was called out for fear some listeners would take it as a joke rather than realize a serious Fund Drive is underway. With that said, I look forward to Twit Wit Radio every Sunday and I make sure to be home to listen. Thank you for such an excellent program that makes me smile while also reminding me how seriously sad and clownish our political leaders are.

Good Job!

What a relief you guys are! Thanks for going at the smart meters and the new(?) Fascism.
Let me know if you need anything from me.
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invitation to the freedom crows nest dot org

I have been a regular listener for a long, long time, as well as a donor and sustaining member. And not in a galaxy far far away, but right here at home. I love to sing. Can i come sing with you on one of your sundays? i will get a tweet account JUST for you'll and the BK. WE LOVE YOU! Visit me and the other nesters at

the freedomcrowsnest

Love TwitWitRadio

One of the most innovative shows to come to KPFA in years.

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