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Provides an inspirational, empowering environment  to serve as a platform to build a sustainable community experience. Produced and hosted by Veronica Faisant .

People need to feel “heard”—we open the phone lines to listen and dialogue. Listeners interact via the program’s Facebook page and other social media. People are empowered when they feel they can "make a difference". Community based projects will be identified and listeners invited to create community meetings to strategize and form work groups using the program as point of departure. This is interactive radio.


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ShoW !!

I love Nikki Giovani!! Been reading her since I was in my 20's. I am a mixed Latina and Euro woman and she speaks to me and many of my perceptions of life and informs me about African people here. Thank you Veronica and Nikki.

Dont pity the billionaires...

I am not a victim of the "Stockholm Syndrome"
So I say: screw the billionnaires!

Thanks for the Show + Community

Thank you so much for the show tonight! I love your perspectives. I wanted to share my response the gentleman who called about the folks on his block response to the fight that was happening and say, what happened was perfect. He asked, how do we honor, respect and learn from each others cultures. So hit a bit on it with, start dancing in the street. :-) I'd say its time for a block party conversation where they get to hear each others perspectives and share their stories of woes, joys and success - begin bonding. And yes, I'd be willing to facilitate that conversation if he sees this. -- Love to you both. We really need more positive conversation on the air, especially in the morning, I just don't listen any more. Thanks for your love, Fresh!!

Is this show about the host living out her life on radio?

Please, you need to be more respectful of those calling in. You ask them what they want to say and quickly dismiss them, they dont get to stay online and give and take. Yet you go on and on about your personal drama. You need to let your callers really express what's going on in their lives. Don't cherry pick your your callers, like Paradise. You are where you are to provide SERVICE, not put your needs above the callers. People are desperate for any help they can get...remember that and honor that need!!! You are too mechanical and emotionally distant in how you respond to your callers. They are like numbers, just like the corporate experience. You need to listen and learn from your listeners...without the listeners you have no radio show. Your show is not about your opinions, its about providing help for hopes who are really struggling!


You cherry pick your call in listeners through out the hour. You are taking valuable radio time to feed your ego. We need people who truly serve the community. There is way too much need for a host to go on for 15 minutes of an hour show to choose a favorite listener to showcase. Your show is to help others, not to work your stuff out over the air. We are all working are stuff out and people LEARN from others who call in with needs or who have worked stuff out in their lives...not by cherry picking your callers!!!!

Love Is

Live Spiral Dance and support her words in Is

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