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Coalition Party

What I envision is that every party put forth a candidate for each office, we have a "primary" of our own as The Coalition Party, and each party, keeping their "values" and guidelines, would vote for each other's candidates, or their own candidate. But, this is truly the only way to change the direction of our country and make real head way in this rigged electoral system we have. So, whoever wins the election in our Coalition primaries will be the candidate that we will all back and these candidates would come from each party whether it be a Green, Justice, Independent, Peace and Freedom, Declined to State, etc.

I can understand each alternate party wanting to keep their values and political parties alive, but the harsh reality is when you only get 5 - 10% of the vote and always being financially strapped, I think it is almost impossible for those parties to make any head way in this corrupt one-party system.

The way to achieve this is to spread the word about the concept and the stats of 5 - 10% of the vote they're getting in each election vs. the 43% we are as a coalition, and talk with the leadership of each party and make it clear that they either stay as they are and continue to receive 5 - 10% of the vote and dwindling membership, no funds to run but a shoestring election, and loss of ballot access or all these parties join together as the Peace & Freedom Coalition Party/the Green Coalition Party/the Independent Coalition Party/the Declined to State Coalition Party/ the Justice Coalition Party, etc.

The coalition party is the parties united.

This is akin to the Democrats having the "Progressive Democrats of America" as an offshoot of the Democratic Party or the "Tea Party", the "Log Cabin Republicans" and Libertarian wing of the Republican Party.

I am getting a lot of good feedback from people saying to keep them informed. I think if we have a coalition party which would be the umbrella of the Peace and Freedom, Greens, Declined to State, Independents, the Justice Party, etc., and encompassing the unions, LBGT, "minorities", women, etc., then we will appeal to so many people that the "leadership" of each alternate party will have to follow or lose members.

I like the idea of The Coalition Party, but maybe it should be named the 99% Coalition Party since Occupy has become so mainstream and people identify with the 99% vs. the 1%.

10/06/12 Morning Show onens the door an inch to let truth out

re: Oct. 7, 2012 Morning Show
In listening to this program with the soundtrack of "Between Two Worlds" I am once again
horrified at what horrible things are done in the name of the "Holocaust" mythology.
I strongly urge KPFA, perhaps the Morning Show to open the door to the truth about the
"Holocaust" . What is the truth? It is the truth that has made the slur "anti-Semite" mean "Truth-teller". It is the truth that has robbed so many Europeans of their God given right to free speech by imprisoning them if they question the dogmatic mythology including some grievous lies bundled into force fed false history. Am I correct? You Phillip and KPFA should find out. Historical researchers are routinely imprisoned, leaving young children fatherless in
cases I have read about by cold blooded Jewish agenda that is ruthless in it's attempt, so far quite successful, to lie about history, with gross calumny against other peoples, and make a
cottage industry of producing untrue, lying novels presented as fact and movies endlessly adding more falsehoods which no one is permitted to question.
Set us free, KPFA and we will all be in your debt; for none dare, no media dares, to tell the truth about the imprisonment of truth tellers in Europe about the falsehoods, most specifically the lies about the existence of homicidal gas chambers in the Nazi forced labor camps.
This is what KPFA Pacifica was created to do: tell the truth and stop wars based on lies and
media manipulation. Do it. Here are two documentaries to begin with:
KPFA could reclaim it's birthright and tell the truth the suppression of which is the cause of so much misery in the world including here in the USA.
Set Hollywood free from it's relentless propaganda and calumny in this WW II extracted Great Lie. What did and what did not happen to the Jews in Europe and the USSR in the 1930's and 1940's? The truth is out there, let's find it because we still have Free Speech in America.
In Canada, Australia, and much of Europe telling the truth means prison.
In America, in Berkeley, place of the free speech movement you risk only the ire of gatekeepers of lies; harmful lies used to justify horrors of oppression against non-Jews every day.
This stimulating documentary, "Between Two Worlds" is a perfect call for truth to be set free, from it's captivity by the organized purveyors of LIES. Or will frank and honest examination of the Holocaust mythology affirm the official story? Let's find out; ground ourselves first in truth and accuracy because it is a third rail of controversy.

Re; California Online Voter Registration

Its already in effect,

Truthdig unaware of AIPAC/Israel

Oct.14, 2012
It surprised me that in the first hour with the Truthdig man, discussing the political reality of the USA today, neigher AIPAC nor Israel was mentioned. I have a sense that I am living in a parrallel universe.
The destruction of America by todays billionaire class was mentioned but with bafflement that they should be so short sighted; there was no sense that the Billionaires my perhaps not be short sighted at all but rather acting as internationalists whose agenda is hostile to an America as it has histoically existed, and to which they hold no loyalty.
Mr. Truthdig evoked the notion of "scapegoating" of Jews in Nazi Germany instead of discussing AIPAC. My understanding of Germany in the 1930's, when Gertrude Stein recommended that Adolf Hitler receive the Nobel Prize for Peace, is that internationally organized Jewry declared economic war on Germany in 1933,
as noted by a front page headline of a London Newspaper in 1933 :
"Judea Declares War on Germany!" - Daily Express headline, March 24, 1933
An International Jewish Boycott Conference was assembled in Holland in the summer of 1933 under the Presidency of Mr. Samuel Untermeyer
A devastating boycott was then initiated against depression and Versailles treaty-abused Germany because Hitler was elected and international Jewish elites did not approve.

The entire mythology of both WW I and WW II needs to be re-addressed to discern what is true and what is not; I am finding that most of the official tales are essentially not true. Truth in history is vitall if we, as individuals and as a nation, are to learn from the mistakes of history. We are bound and gagged by an imposition of false history and rendered ever vulnerable by imposed ignorance.
A discussion of the elections of 2012 without mention of AIPAC and the AIPAC agenda is a diversion into unreality and deception.
Cui bono.

Proposition 37 KPFA doesn't seen to undestand the significance

Below are the title of an article which addresses the disinformation the opposition to Prop. 37
like the Sacramento Bee are disseminating and the webaddress of the article.
The NO on Prop 37 Campaign: Debunking the Lies
By Katherine Paul
Organic Consumers Association, October 18, 2012

Sunday 12/16/2012

Agenda radio.
In listening to the first hour with Mr. Sheer, 12/16/12 I am again appalled by the ruthless exploitation of the mysterious tragedy in Newtown CT to assault the Constitution of the US and advocate the disarming of the American population which does not wish to be disarmed. Black young people in Oakland CA shooting each other is evoked as the result of the Second Amendment, but it is unlikely that such youngsters have such guns legally. There are gun ownership laws.
Phillip eagerly disparages "conspiracy theories". That is more of the agenda to which Phillip is wedded to, beyond reason. Phillip is a host of whom I am fond, having listened to him for years and believe he is well meaning but ignorant almost beyond belief. I assume he has managed to live his adult life in a cocoon of an agenda that cannot tolerate any examination or opposition; critical examination of the agenda that owns Phillip is intolerable and not permitted. In fact he has displays a powerful negative emotional reaction at the hint of disagreement with the agenda he carries.
Conspiracy theory is a term created by mainstream disinformationists to disparage those who try to reveal suppressed truth and expose disinformation and misinformation.
In a way, a very real way, Phillip is a traitor to the dream of KPFA's creators which was to bring the truth in it's myriad views and expressions to the public and break free of the controlled information racket designed to tell the public what to think and manipulate it to think as dictated.
If the founder of KPFA were alive today and called in to the show he would surely be disparaged as a "conspiracy theorist".
The loss of KPFA to it's mission and creator's dream is a tragedy of immense proportions. It has been rendered a third tier disinformation outlet, and truth be told, if Phillip were not on board with the subverted agenda he would likely have been fired.
The Newtown CT tragedy filtered through the Sunday Show serves to illuminate the tragedy of KPFA as it is today.

re: Sunday Show 12/30/2012-needs to be more relevant and reality

Philip revisited the issue of the right to have an abortion and the seeming unending schemes to undermine it. Ho-hum. It has been an endless diversion and I thought gay rights, then gay marriage were set to replace it but it still gets traction. Both are used as major distractions and perhaps for that purpose in the media.
What I found myself wondering is whether the anti-abortion power entity or the pro-abortion power entity or both is/are the same or different than the entity that is involved in the slow mass murder of Americans through poisoned water, with fluoride especially and chlorine, stealth microbe and heavy metal contaminated vaccines whose efficacy is apparently is consistently misrepresented in any case; poisoned air with the weather manipulating dispersal of massive amounts of aerosolized fine particles of aluminum and barium with toxic long term effects on farmland and poisoned Frankenstein GMO foods designed to harm, and forced like fluoride, the powerful toxic pesticide by-product of heavy industry is forced, like chemtrails are forced, like vaccinations are forced on an ever more hapless American people. The newest assault in the form of DNA Breaking, Blood brain Barrier Breaking ULF RF non-thermal radiations wifi smart meters forced as replacements for relatively very safe analog meters onto human dwellings, schools etc. positioned to do the harm that can only occur with extended exposure. Weaponized chemical and utility meter continuous daily assaults on the people of America by a hidden elite with the power to enforce these murderous schemes; and Philip goes on almost weekly pushing the scheme to disarm Americans.
I listened to an interview with one of the producers of a three part documentary on the above assaults
though they may not include the most recently added wifi smart meter weapon, and I find myself wondering about the relationship of the much media covered abortion factions and completely not media covered very disturbing assault on us which is being continually augmented.
Philip's program is well situated in schedule to address these vitally important issues; issues which once considered neutralize any sense that de-arming the American people is desirable. Reality based open eyed view of what is happening in America today is totally non-conducive to the notion of disarming the people
as desirable to any but the hostile elite, whoever they are, and their minions who often, as in the case of Philip, I expect, know not what they do.

Thankyou for this morning's show on vaccines

As a pediatrician and professor of medicine at several medical schools and residency programs this topic is about the best one for exposing the militant ignorance that is so common in what passes for progressive thought. One caller wanted a debate with someone who disagrees with your guest. I could debate various issues in vaccination policy with him, but no one without a strong scientific background would understand what we were saying. Public knowledge of health and science issues in the US has been trashed by our trashy mass media and by the vast population of professional liars calling themselves "public relations" experts who use scientific methods and analysis to confuse folks so their employers can reap ever greater profits from an intellectually helpless population. In order to have a truly informative show one would have to start with basic science education. Can't conceive of how that would be accomplished. But thanks for the effort.

Herb Ruhs, MD

8/11/13 show on Obamacare

Philip - at the end of the 8/11/13 show on Obamacare with Dave Johnson, a caller on Medicare and Medical called in with questions. Both you and your guest said "nothing would change" for him in terms of Dr. choice, etc. I went to a presentation sponsored by the San Jose Council on Aging (now called Sourcewise) in June 2013 about the ACA changes/options to people on Medicare & MediCal. The audience was full of professional case managers (social workers) who need to guide their clients through these changes, and they felt the information was hard to understand. It's a fairly complex issue. For up to date info on Medicare/MediCal recipients, you should call the Berkeley Senior Center and ask to speak to a HICAP
(Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) representative. They are just learning the facts and could be helpful

Ishmael Reed

What an arrogant guest. Cole Porter wrote "Love for Sale" and when a caller made that correction, Ishmael responded "No, you're wrong." and clearly Reed is wrong. This wasn't the first time he snapped back in defense to another caller saying "No, you are wrong. I'll have to check that out." or something to that effect. Obama is not cool and it has nothing to do w/ the RCP saying it, or progressives saying it or white people saying it. I know plenty of black people who say it, like BAR reporter, Glenn Ford. Reed is so blinded by his own feeling of superiority he can't let down his guard and believe that maybe is isn't right on everything. You've done better shows Philip.

Ishmael Reed

What an arrogant guest. Cole Porter wrote "Love for Sale" and when a caller made that correction, Ishmael responded "No, you're wrong." and clearly Reed is wrong. This wasn't the first time he snapped back in defense to another caller saying "No, you are wrong. I'll have to check that out." or something to that effect. Obama is not cool and it has nothing to do w/ the RCP saying it, or progressives saying it or white people saying it. I know plenty of black people who say it, like BAR reporter, Glenn Ford. Reed is so blinded by his own feeling of superiority he can't let down his guard and believe that maybe is isn't right on everything. You've done better shows Philip.

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