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Guns and Butter - February 26, 2014 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for February 26, 2014 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Dress Rehearsal for Government Privatization" with Michel Chossudovsky.  Privatization of government operating through the process of fiscal collapse; black budgets; war and Wall Street; the Federal Reserve Bank; shock and awe economics; IMF structural adjustment; the Washington consensus; extreme austerity measures; the proxy state; speculative onslaught, regulatory capture; financial warfare against the American public.  (Encore from10/23/13)

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Great Show! Very important in

Great Show! Very important in understanding the whole economic system in 2014 and why Keynsians and Austrians are in many ways obsolete. Those like Paul Krugman refuse to consider the financial sector (Wall Street, six largest "zombie banks") in their models as Chussodovsky explains in lay language. For those who want to understand what analysts like Max Keiser and his guests are talking about, this interview, brilliantly conducted by Bonnie Falkner, can be considered a primer.

Thanks for this, deserves the

Thanks for this, deserves the re-play.

I'd like to point out a great candidate Tarpley is promoting in his show this week.. a rarity in that this is a Democrat I actually support! Needs donations in his Primary fight.. definitely check out the interview in this week's World Crisis Radio:
(it's in the 2nd half or so of this audiofile)

ps. very much on-point, they discuss the truly sad circumstances facing rural Post Offices in his district!

With everyone fighting the

With everyone fighting the Kulcha wars, I have a very bad prognosis for the awarness of what's happening. The social issues have always been a tool of those who want people not to see what's happening. The other problem is that the academic system has been taken over by the Global Neoliberal system of Milton Friedman of the Chicago School of Business. They ignore economic history and revise economic theory. It's about providing no alternatives. TINA (There are no alternatives-M. Thatcher)

great show today- Michel

great show today- Michel Chossudovsky spells it out- how they are taking the government apart piece by piece--I wonder if it's possible, if enough people wake up, if we actually could see a movement to stop the madness--it certainly is not looking good for that.

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