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Twit Wit Radio - March 2, 2014 at 6:30pm

Twit Wit Radio, for March 2, 2014 - 6:30pm

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We are up and running with a

We are up and running with a stable platform, and inviting people to a planet wid tune in phlash mawb party with twitwit radio tomorrow. Vicoriasss' Secrect Government Underwear has a depleted uranium lining and her slip is showing, glowing and growing. 1984 was supposed to be a warning not to let it happen. Not a manual for getting away with it. Thank YOU that the great Dick straction is over and WE are still here. And the week doesn't start here, untill the week starts HERE....congrats kids, we LOVE you,

Here, from me without the need for attribution from you, please use if you can...original

this here is the intel from the unseen ones

odds are they got you listed from 100 to 1

99 don't fuckin' cut it when you've got to become one, so

Hashce Awp all #op the mofos get 'em gettin' on the run.

Facial recognition sure is not so fuckin' fun

Keepin' up with twitter got me gotten' thinkin' whose got guns?

With all the paranoia sayin' "get out of the sun"

with all this here exposure they be fleein' on the run.

but the internet fell victim to the big bad you know who, so

I'm Gonna take three breaths for you....before this stuff gets through

9-11 was the inside job designed to distract you

If you don't know what i'm sayin' time's up to get a clue.

There's a wayback 'chine at campus on the hill, in the server up the hill

where the meta data flows to and gets analyzed for shills

what we found there was astounding they've been taking from the till

Faking dot org horrer storries and publishing ill will.

i was a banker at wells fargo..but i'm better now you know

more than ever i could never ever wanted to have known...

How E T's in bed with godlike tavis tick tock tick tock drone,

big brother now is sleeping and i think that we're alone

you know that

i was homeless too, till i remembered THIS my home.

toast all ascended masters both in here and there, abroad.

and just as a suggestion and a thought to ponder on

Take a Note from Earth First History, on us don't trample on.

Hello, How can I get a hold

How can I get a hold of the last song in the program? It wen something like this "we're going to make a change..."


The song is called Our Way by

The song is called Our Way by Gracie and Rachel from their new album which has not been released yet. You heard an advance preview. To contact Gracie and Rachel go to their website
Gracie and Rachel are based in Brooklyn NY
Thanks for listening.

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