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Guns and Butter - March 5, 2014 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for March 5, 2014 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Ukraine's Democratic Coup d'Etat:  Washington Supports a Neo-Nazi Coalition Government" with Michel Chossudovsky.  The political and economic crisis in the Ukraine; involvement of the United States and the European Union in the violent overthrow of the democratically elected Ukraine President; the 2004 Orange Revolution in that country; its geography; the involvement of the International Monetary Fund and NATO in Ukraine's history; lustration or mass disqualification of the members of Viktor Yanukovych's government.

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The US will support anyone

The US will support anyone who is THEIR despot, whether that person is a member of al Qaeda, a neo-Nazi a drug lord or a common criminal. There is no doubt that the US is a criminal state.

Bonnie, Keep up the good

Bonnie, Keep up the good work. At least we get to hear another side that mainstream media will not bring us. This country is always quite anti-Russia regardless of the issue and heros such as you that bring us closer to understanding the whole issue are rare.

The parliament voted at

The parliament voted at gunpoint and the protesters did not know the fascists would take over.

Chossudovsky again repeated

Chossudovsky again repeated several claims which are completely false, but apparently it seems that if a false statement is repeated often enough, it becomes truth. He claimed that only a minority of the Ukrainian parliament was involved in removing Yanukovych. Parliament has a total of 450 members. The vote to remove Yanukovych was 380 to 0, including many members of his own party, the Party of Regions. Whether this was appropriate or not is a different matter, but the notion that only a minority was involved is patently false.
He also asserted that the entire opposition is run by neo-Nazis. A completely different picture is presented by Mark Ames, who used to edit The eXile, a dissident American paper based in Moscow, extremely critical of US policies and American society in general.
Also see Timothy Snyder's article The Haze of Propaganda in the New York Review of Books. Snyder's politics leave a lot to be desired, but he points out interesting facts, such as that the organizer of the first protest at Maidan Square was an Afghan muslim journalist, the first protester to die was an Armenian, the second a Belorussian, and that lots of people of various backgrounds, including Jews, gays, feminists and people of many nationalities, including Russian anarchists (supporting Ukrainian comrades) took part, hardly the picture of a Nazi-dominated movement.

"Also see Timothy Snyder's

"Also see Timothy Snyder's article The Haze of Propaganda in the New York Review of Books. Snyder's politics leave a lot to be desired, but he points out interesting facts"
I love the way you pick and chose in a way that will support your pre-conceived ideas.

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