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Flashpoints - March 5, 2014 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for March 5, 2014 - 5:00pm

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Thank you Dennis and

Thank you Dennis and flashpoints team. Your other side of the story is the real story. I can't make out Ian Masters on kpfk in the same time slot as you. He's reasonably progressive on domestic issues but he does not belong on grass roots based radio when it comes to US foreign policy and destructive actions by the corporate led US government. He is an Australian American flag waver. the great Dr. Michael Parenti tells us democracy is not about trust or belief, but democracy is about distrust, its about accountability, its about whose interests are you really serving my friend(i.e. US government and media).

In addition Putin was on youtube and rt and he said the booted out Viktor Yanukovych has no political future(due to his corruption). I mean thats a straight out answer(rare from Obama and Co) that Putin is no way wanting to install the just toppled old regime. What is frigntening this new flash government has the right wing neo fascists running the police and military!

btw, the rt usa american female reporter who resigned on air has not been there very long. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was not a US asset. However what simple minded speech about rt white washing Putin and she said shes an american and my being american comes first. Whatever happened to the idea of being a citizen of the World(Socrates, circa 5th century bc), especially concerning journalists.

The reason my husband and I

The reason my husband and I support KPFA as much as we can is because of programs like this. It's simple: another point of view that you are not going to hear on corporate media, mainstream press or even the most progressive segments of the NPR/PBS press.
This hour was intelligent and full of facts that, quite unfortunately, most US citizens will not get to hear.
Here is the most important element: not only is the information vital, but we all have to applaud and support the courage it takes for programmers to step forward with this gift to us, KPFA listeners. We must acknowledge that it is not easy. And we must stand up for the heros that do it.

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