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Behind the News with Doug Henwood - March 6, 2014 at 12:00pm

Behind the News with Doug Henwood, for March 6, 2014 - 12:00pm

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I'm so sad to read these two

I'm so sad to read these two comments after hearing this woman give a very clear and concise argument for why not all sex workers are being exploited and actually enjoy it. Sex is the one area where people in the United States are just so behind other more advanced thinking countries like Holland where sex is not a big deal. It matters that consent is involved in those engaging in sex (or any activity). I've felt like a whore before when I've worked for employers I despised but had to for a paycheck. There is nothing worse than selling out your soul for some crappy job where you are being paid crappy wages and where your rights have to be checked at the door and where you have to hire an attorney to fight a former employer for unpaid hours, dangerous working conditions or loss of benefits. I would take self employment, working on my own terms, doing something that makes me feel good and others feel good any day over whoring myself for some lousy socially-acceptable job. I believe women and men can engage in sex work in a meaningful way. Thanks for the great show Doug Henwood.

I used to live in an area

I used to live in an area were pimps and prostitutes worked, I see women exercising free will in their best interests. Also in Hollywood twelve year old girls selling them selves did not look like emancipation. This woman can,t tell me that children around the world forced into prostitution are benefiting from being exploited.

I hear what your saying, and

I hear what your saying, and agree to some extent, but... Some people working at McDonalds feel like they are working in a unjust labor system--"commercial whoredom" And others don't or cant understand the harmful system they're caught up in--some might even blame themselves. We are ok with offering alternatives to our unjust capitalistic labor system--the very very real class war we are in--but many people dont feel anything is wrong is. But that doesn't mean there is nothing wrong with it. Sure some people like working at McD's and maybe they cant work anywhere else--which is often the case--or dont have the ability--but more liely the unjust system of capitalism and bigotry and ect, etc. confines them to lifestyle at Micky D's or walmart. I dont think it is good though.

I imagine there are very few safe and clean sex working organizations. I imagine most of them are a dominating expereince, perhaps a cruel environment with cruel masters. Many of our corporate leaders are cruel and unjust in our words but in this conversation we cant acknowledged that master-slave relationships in sex work might be just, cruel, unsafe, unhealthy, unfree. I think if we are honest, in most cases, not all--sex work is abominable. Not because they are selling their bodies for sex--way to go--but because of the situation that is more often than not--a continual crisis and no way to live. if they dont see that neither do most Americans living and working in a whorish capitalist economy. Are you honestly saying, sex work is a safe nurturing environment? I would appreciate your reply. My inquiring mind wants to know.

I do believe prostitution should be legal--they would regulate it and ensure safety and healthy environments. Arrest the pimps, free the women.

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