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The Morning Mix with Anthony - March 12, 2014 at 8:00am

The Morning Mix, for March 12, 2014 - 8:00am

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(AG) In the beginning you

(AG) In the beginning you were reading what was the standard introduction about what happened in Rwanda. A lot of what this is about is that story is false....Ed Herman, the author of Manufacturing Consent with Noam Chomsky, calls the false narrative of the Rwanda genocide and the ensuing wars 'the greatest triumph of the propaganda system in recent decades' said that the majority of those killed were Tutsis...that was not true...that is not's not even possible...
You should post a correction on Wikipedia...they probably won't allow it, though
That's true...if you try to edit it...there will be a Wiki war and there will be no changes...they have a petition to the WH asking Obama asking for an official declaration of the genocide against the Tutsis...
it's illegal to say 'the Rwanda genocide' in's 'the genocide against the Tutsis and it's legally enforced...but more Hutus than Tutsis died and it did not take place in 100 days..and another thing...a majority of people in Rwanda would like to see the bones, that are displayed for all the tourists to come in and take pictures of, buried...and they say a lot of those bones are Hutu...Hutu bones are being used to blackmail the world...and to blackmail them...because there were not a million Tutsis in Rwanda at the time...there were not 800,000...just over 600,000...and the survivors group, the Tutsi survivors group claims 300,000 that leaves 345,000 who died...OK...if there were 645,000 and 300,000 survived then the death toll is 345,000...and the figure that's always being cited is 800,000...or a million...or '800,000 or a million mostly Tutsis and some moderate Hutus'...
,,,we've been hearing about...Rwanda the apparently false story, in some facets of it, about the massacres of 1994"
Thank you Anne and Anthony!
P.S. as to the assertion "It's not known with certainty who committed the assassinations" " His evidence that Gen. Paul Kagame had ordered the assassinations was suppressed. Hourigan’s death this week went unnoted by the press"

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