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Letters and Politics - March 18, 2014 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for March 18, 2014 - 10:00am

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Letters and Politics - Kievan Rus & the Historic Ukranian Russian Relationship

Paul Magocsi, Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Toronto.

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Excellent analysis of the

Excellent analysis of the situation. I don't know what the former commentators are talking about this man is very well informed regarding the situation, in particular in it's historical context. It is a complicated history.

The most shocking thing to me

The most shocking thing to me about this right wing "historian" was his absolute insistence that there are no fascists or neo-nazis in the new Ukrainian regime.
How about getting Pepe Escobar on to provide a more balanced and accurate view.

Talk about selective

Talk about selective history.
A right wing view, and historically challenged.
A bully, who didn't even mention Nestor Makhno when confronted with the reality.

I couldn't believe what I was

I couldn't believe what I was hearing either. For a historian, Paul Magocsi seemed to overlook our [US, NATO, and the IMF] complicity in the turmoil in Ukraine and Crimea. He seemed to ignore the facts that since the breakup of the USSR and the disolving of the Warsaw Pact, NATO has been aggressively gobbling up those nations and installing a so called missile shield on the borders of Russia. I don't blame Putin for doing what he's doing..
We've already stated what our intentions are. Read Zbig Brzezinki's Grand Chessboard and the PNAC manifesto Rebuilding Our Defenses 2000. We are attemping to neutralize Russia and become a global empire.

I only heard the last ten

I only heard the last ten minutes, and yes your guest was slightly hysterical against the Russians. The two points that stood out was the failure to differentiate between the Crimea and the rest of Ukraine, and the ambiguous claims about Putin that he has been trying to take over various parts of the Ukraine for the last 15 years. It could be true be he certainly offered no details, or whether NATO intelligence and interests were doing the same. The history lesson in general seemed worthwhile

Thank you for your guest

Thank you for your guest today. It is gratifying when someone you disagree with comes off as a slightly hysterical and disingenuous bully.

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