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Exploration - March 18, 2014 at 2:00pm

Exploration, for March 18, 2014 - 2:00pm

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I can only ever play the

I can only ever play the downloads of the show on my iPhone 5. The (PLAY this clip from your computers media PLAYER) only plays the intro. How do we listen to the entire show? Or is it this simply just a clip I listen to several other kpfa shows however they all have a download option. Ever few weeks there is a download link why the inconsistency. Kpfa should look in to this problem after all this is a show about ground braking science its kind of ironic that listeners are having technical problems. I hope I am able to listen soon.

Once I open the m3u file in,

Once I open the m3u file in, say notepad, and see the mp3 link, how do I download it? I can't right click the link and hit save as in notepad... But even better, is there a way to put this podcast into a downloader program like gpodder?

Just copy the link text,

Just copy the link text, paste it in your browser address box enter. It should ask you if you want to save or open it.

If your browser has some kind of player plugin that automatically starts, try clicking in it and see if you get a Save As option. If not, try another browser.

I'm using the portable Chrome

I'm using the portable Chrome browser, and if I click a .mp3 link it tries to play in VLC media player plugin, which doesn't seem to work. But if I do like you said and paste the .mp3 link into the address bar I get a different player, probably built into chrome, and it does allow me to right click on the player and hit save as...

@terry huebert. You can right

@terry huebert. You can right click on "play this clip in your computer's media player" and choose "save linked content as" to you save the program and play it later. And Bob is right. Michio Kaku is not a KPFA employee. His program just plays on the station, so he's not in charge of technical things concerning downloads, etc.

whats the matter with you,

whats the matter with you, your programs are not downloadable. You are a mess Kaku

Why you complaining to Kaku ?

Why you complaining to Kaku ? He does not work for this station. Anyway, they are always downloadable even when the download link is missing. Just open the Play This Clip link in any text editor, it contains the download link. Ive been doing it this way for years.

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