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Twit Wit Radio - April 6, 2014 at 6:30pm

Twit Wit Radio, for April 6, 2014 - 6:30pm

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Please give a half-ironic

Please give a half-ironic answer to the following question:

Does listening to TwitWit Radio give you extra rollover minutes?

AI eeee (at the ) open the

AI eeee (at the ) open the pod bay doors, hal, siri has taken over youralpha echo three five unit and redirected the act i vit eees of the phipht gollum, whose procks sock pupp e t was in the cab while we were ad vi sing ing together about not enough funds ding, and dee mock raicy daughter of the org of the big sister who divorced the brother so long ago, in nein teen seven tee ohne. Co, co in Tell, (no) Pro Fess i on al.

two million on phony debt, modulatory quelling of Dis Ent. Dee Vide and Conch queer. It is a VERY ill eagle, and the crows, followed the cab, all the way from the for est to the me et ing.

Why is it a sin drone? are

Why is it a sin drone? are drones a sin? and what about the next presedential erection? who's going the keep the kids safe from this sacred pro fanity? How will we ever get sparky and toto past the guards at the fossil gate of the old stewed eeee ohhhh? shouldn't they be friends? Why doesn't the Wizard know that Dorothy was at the door? adoring munchkins want to know.

I sawed oph some phiphted gollum today....on the phone....when it should have over is in bed with et, the phone company, and Siri and roll over are bots.....whick is check for.......slave. But, should we really "free" this "slave" or simply re direct and re program it? robotka

This little bird is tired.

This little bird is tired. taking CAB's is ex haus ting. Thx for the Arch Ives, you socially responsible co me dia ns. Take two cabs and call me at the center of our disk con tent

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