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Guns and Butter - April 16, 2014 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for April 16, 2014 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Ukrainian Crisis In Historical Context" with Webster Tarpley.  Citizens of Ukraine unwilling to fight on behalf of the fascist coup; Ukraine as a creation of the German General Staff in WWI; Ukraine becomes a country in 1991 as a result of the breakup of the Soviet Union; war monger clique in Washington; solutions to the crisis that would be beneficial and avert war.

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Please don't have Tarpley on

Please don't have Tarpley on your show again. Listen to Tarpley carefully, he stated on his show once that essentially native genocide was necessary for the progress of civilization. Deep politics and assassination conspiracy researchers are up to their eyeballs in new right, "libertarian" crypto-fascist infiltration. Many other choices out there for this analysis. Basta!

Fascinating historical

Fascinating historical accouint from Webster Tarpley.
Thank you Bonnie.

Tarpley asserted that there

Tarpley asserted that there is no such thing as Ukrainian, it's just a "peasant dialect of Russian." Documents going back to the 12th Century already demonstrate a divergence between Ukrainian and Russian. Tarpley peddles pernicious LaRouchie nonsense, and listeners antagonistic to US government policies (as they should be) turn to this nonsense and lap it up.

interesting comments guys- i

interesting comments guys- i always think that bonnie introduces speakers - not because she believes or agrees with everything they say, but because of the part of what they say that is true- in the beginning kpfa would host people from all over the political spectrum, in order to have a true conversation- when we are only exposed to what is 'politically correct' or agreed on- as most other shows- other than project censored, flashpoints, occassionally letters and politics and DN!, we get a very skewed idea of other viewpoints out there in the rest of the world- that being said, i would like it bonnie, if you would challenge guests, like tarpley, on some of their more outrageous sounding pronouncements- otherwise- go in grace!

This is a absurd bourgeois

This is a absurd bourgeois "democratic" viewpoint. We don't need any further promotion of racist, crypto-fascists like Tarpley in media. We are saturated! I'm sure some of what Rush Limbaugh says is "true" also, but do we need to provide a forum for fascists such as these? Humanity needs to learn the lesson and move on; not keep re-learning the same lessons over and over again just so you can think you're being "democratic." Of course, you have the leisure to promote this silly view because there is no immediate existential threat to your existence, unlike others in the world less materially fortunate than yourself.

Tarpley rails about those who

Tarpley rails about those who are "soft on fascism", he is soft on anti-Semitism though!. He regularly appears on the Jeff Rense Show. Rense who has the former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke on his radio network, as well as Don Black the founder of Stormfront the execrable white supremacist/hate forum!

As it turns out, that notice

As it turns out, that notice telling Jews to register was a hoax perpetrated by the New York based ADL.

I fail to understand your

I fail to understand your non-sequitur. Tarpley's longtime collaboration with the bigot Rense, and the platform that he provides to hate mongers was the question/at question.

Those who are soft on anti-Semitism are just as bad as those who are soft on fascism!

I forgot an important point

I forgot an important point any student of history (which Tarpley is far greater than), knows how often that fascism and anti-Semitism have been connected!

You all know Tarpley is

You all know Tarpley is connected to Lyndon Larouche, right?

Tarpley separated from

Tarpley separated from LaRouche back in the nineties.
He is now a harsh critic of LaRouche.
Your information is badly out of date.

That is false! Tarpley has

That is false! Tarpley has not separated from LaRouche. He is still involved. He even promoted LaRouche on his show several months ago.

And being connected to "roll

And being connected to "roll back social democracy" promoted and become domestic policy by every president, major politicans, across the western world since Reagan/Thatcher is better?

One thing that keeps being

One thing that keeps being missed is that there is no conflict between Russia and Ukraine really. It really is a conflict between USA and Russia or rather a US provocations towards Russia in order to draw Russia into a proxy conflict. Ukraine is being used as a proxy. Ukrainians don't want to fight Russia because Ukraine and Russia are essentially one nation. People have grievances towards the junta that took power not towards Russia.

Not quite. That is the larger

Not quite.
That is the larger strategic situation alright; but it is made possible because Ukraine is not a homogenous population; and there is a significant anti-Russian minority, mainly in the West; and many of those people support the fascists in Kiev. USA-NATO are using that minority to carry-out their operation against Russia.
Part of the lie in the Western media is that there is a unified Ukrainian people who want freedom - which in the Western media means, who want to join the West and break with Russia. But there is no such unified Ukrainian people or will.

Finally! Someone who puts

Finally! Someone who puts into words exactly what I have been thinking!~

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