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Guns and Butter - June 4, 2014 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for June 4, 2014 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Police State America" with John Whitehead.

The Corporate State; American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC); Offices of Inspector General (OIG); SWAT Teams; No-Knock Raids; the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track; the New York Prototype; MRAPs; Operation Vigilant Eagle; Atlas Four Androids; TSA and VIPR Teams; Google and the NSA; Fusion Centers

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We need some understanding of

We need some understanding of what the hell can we do to stop this madness!

How can "they" get away with

How can "they" get away with these things? It would seem to fit in with the suspension or superseding of our Constitution in Continuity of Government, e.g. as described by Peter Dale Scott.

I understand the importance

I understand the importance of becoming educated on the issues, but, sadly, this report does not mention what actions to take with this advanced knowledge. Therefore I consider this another addition to the fear being spread by Homeland Security and the other horrific agencies mentioned. So what does one do after "waking up"?

Listen to Chris Hedges latest commentary on Youtube.

thank you bonnie-as always-

thank you bonnie-as always- many good comments from the listening audience-- i look forward to your show every week! In Fairfax, i've shown a couple of the drone films and we had a great speakers forum to go along with it- when i asked how many in the audience thought they knew a lot about drones, many people raised their hands, afterwards, even the panelists admitted to be being 'absolutely blown away' by much of the info in the films- the films were 'Attack of the Drones' and 'Rise of the Machines' and can be viewed online. Our speakers were Berkeley's Bob Meola and our 2 progressive councilmembers from Fairfax and San Anselmo Larry Bragman and Ford Greene. some great articles: 'Drone Warfare Is Neither Cheap, Nor Surgical, Nor Decisive' 3/34/13 from; America – The Land of the Police State: 30,000 Drones Will Be Watching You, Tim Watts , The Intel Hub; Also, here is Ford Greene's speech: worth saving! Speech by Ford Greene delivered at Fairfax Women’s Club, March 22, 2013.
I want to talk about psychic numbing, Drones and the impact of both on us and on our democracy. What is a drone? A Drone is a remotely-controlled mechanical device that can fly through the air hundreds of miles away from the human being who is operating and manipulating it. What does a Drone do? With no risk to the operator, a Drone can engage in operations which target other people to surveille, watch and monitor them as well as to kill them. In the abstract, what is the place of a Drone? What is the meaning of a Drone? Simply, a Drone is a tool of control. But it is a very special tool. What makes it very special is how close it can get to its target and at the same time how far away it can be from its operator. What it can do when in proximity to its target. What this means is that the Drone operator can engage in highly intrusive and deadly operations at no risk of being confronted with the immediate, real-life consequences of his conduct. He is at no personal risk of losing his life. And he can kill people without any risk of having to look at the live, immediate carnage or at any risk of getting any blood on him. At worst, a Drone is a fantastic tool that enables the operator to better play God. Because the use of a Drone can invade privacy and can take the lives of people, it is a devilish tool that can be used for the further subversion of our constitutional way of life. Currently, the Obama administration contends that it can be justified in using a Drone to kill a U.S. citizen abroad. The Obama administration rationalizes this result by labeling the U.S. citizen a “co-belligerent.” Thus, by the stroke of a pen it removes all of the inalienable rights that our Constitution confers upon us. The judgment of a man or woman in Government trumps the respect for the individual that our Constitution requires and demands. That policy of assassination of U.S. citizens abroad by their own Government removes the right to life. It rationalizes and justifies the use of lethal force without a trial. At a trial the prosecution has to prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt so as to obtain the unanimous agreement and verdict of 12 jurors. The policy eliminates the right to be represented by a lawyer; it eliminates the right to confront and cross examine the witnesses against him, and eliminates the right to present a defense. Governmentally imposed death by such means is a constitutional abomination. Unfortunately, it is the latest among a series of constitutional abominations that our Country moved into high gear with the advent of the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Renditioning – kidnapping people in order to torture them. Torture. Invasion of Iraq based on fraud. Waging war as a technique of accelerated Empire building. Corporate domination, exploitation and deceptive news reporting. Rationales based on fear have replaced competent reasoning that is based on constitutional values and the respect for individual rights. My worry is that we are getting used to it. You may ask, “what is the relevance of all this?” “What is the point?” My point is that these obaminations hurt the mental health of each of us as human beings. Each abomination which violates fundamental fairness traumatizes our democratic sensibilities. Repeated trauma can make terrible inroads on an individual’s equilibrium and identity. It can take away what makes her herself. Repeated trauma causes psychic numbing. It is a form of dissociation. Dissociation is when one becomes detached from physical and emotional experience. It is when one become disconnected from what is good and numb to what is bad. I am worried that as a society we are becoming disconnected and numb. The scope of how numb we can become includes a lack of awareness of the significance of the rights that are being taken away from us. In this context the Drone is the perfect perpetrator for the accomplishment of evil. It can specifically kill with no direct human agency. The consequences of its impact are attenuated, removed. My point is that if our awareness as citizens and as a people is subverted by too much psychic numbing caused by repeated assaults on our fundamental constitutional values, we may wake up one day looking at a Drone hovering in our back yard looking at us through the window before we even fire up the coffee pot. And if we have been designated an enemy of the state, instead of drinking our morning cup of joe, eat a rocket. By then, it will be too late. It is a dramatic scenario, yes. But consistent with current policies. The problem for us is that now our leaders are showing us that there is no abomination too rude for them to approve in the name of national security, often times a euphemism for the expansion of empire, and often times being used to declare citizens an enemies of the state.
Use of the Drone will be an enhancer of this. Drones are here and here to stay. Since we can’t stop them, the challenge would be to identify the scope of their legitimate use; make rules for the way they can be used. As when we make any determination as to what is or is not legitimate, we need to look at it with as much depth and intelligence as we can muster.

One of the better interviews

One of the better interviews I've heard in years on "Guns and Butter". Provocative discussion on a topic that should be a wake-up call to the American Sheeple Thank you, Bonnie. Keep it up!

Another great episode. Thank

Another great episode. Thank you, Guns and Butter. I wish KPFA had more programming like this to wake people up on "the left".
As alarming and unpleasant as these topics can be, things are only going to get worse unless people get outside their comfort zones and start taking action. The hour is late.

Thank you! I have learned so

Thank you! I have learned so very, very much from your programs, and I am most grateful.

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