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Letters and Politics - June 18, 2014 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for June 18, 2014 - 10:00am

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Letters and Politics - Laurence Tribe, Bush V Gore Lawyer

Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law Professor who argued the first Bush V Gore case and author of the book Uncertain Justice: The Roberts Court and the Constitution.

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The supreme court justices

The supreme court justices should be elected by we the people. Do not tell me about the tyranny of the majority. In addition the Supreme court justices must have term limits. I think it would be interesting to have ten justices. If there is a draw, then the unconstitutional law should be thrown out or in cases where there is constitutional infringment than the plaintiff wins on an even decision.

btw, some very nice classical music breaks. I wish you would put the composer and work, or popular music song and performers listed in your archived shows text.

he makes good points about

he makes good points about prayer and exclusion in ton hall meetings. This should be an outrage--prayer in so-called halls of democracy. Why aren't people outraged?

It is extremely undemocratic

It is extremely undemocratic to have only 9 judges--appointed by political fascists. There should be a pool of judges selected thoughtfully and randomly from the states like a jury. I believe it was called something like a boules in ancient Athens. hundreds, if not thousands. up and down vote. higher education, masters or higher is required. Democracy should work the same way. There is no need for corporate "representatives." Pure/direct democracy is needed. There is no reason not to. Again, higher education--bachelors and higher-- is required. Eduction should be a universal right and subsidized by the people. Splitting hairs like this Harvard profeesor is doing is a waste of our time (not on this show) but in American democracy. Essentially, he is supporting the establishment. A fascist terrorist organization. Abolish bicameral representative democracy and elections. Corporations and Kochs cant bribe every citizen. We dont need big brother telling us how to think or vote. And we have no choice. Evil 1 or evil 2. It is time for assertive non-violent revolution. Many of these people are criminals. Stop apologizing for them. I am for no one the fascist president nominates.

a constitutional amendment

a constitutional amendment limiting campaign finance and big money in politics: I am sorry but it is not puzzling. This guy seems to be a mouthpiece for the establishment. Corporations do not have rights--they are not people. So yes--it is easy to say--to limit--the rights of corporations. They have NONE! They cannot publish documentaries or books smearing political ideas or movements. They have too much money and too much power and it corrupts truth and fairness in an equal democracy. In fact, I would go so far as to say book publishers (corporate publishers) do censor material and ideas. The big houses are not very different from corporate media--framing th ewacky argument. You will not get published by a big house if your book contains any ideas illustrated on KPFA. Even Chomsky and Zinn had to be published independently. Corporations are fascist entities that have no place in a democracy. American democracy is a joke. I will not be buying this guys book. Harvard and other ivy leagues are mouthpieces for the fascist establishment. rarely do they go far enough--always apologizing! American education is compromised. You stop getting published and getting respect if you challenge the establishment too much.

Please refrain from

Please refrain from interrupting your guest. Listen to the audio recording -- several tmes today you jumped in with a new question or comment just as Professor Tribe was about to say something important.

I agree with you. Mitch does

I agree with you. Mitch does have a tendency to do that. Although I heard him talk to a foreign guy and hardly interrupted at all. I wish he and many hosts would do that.

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