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Guns and Butter - June 25, 2014 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for June 25, 2014 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"The Black Budget" with Catherine Austin Fitts.

The Financial Coup d'Etat; Where the Money Has Gone; What Is Being Financed; Black Budget Funding of Private Corporate Projects; History and Organization of the Financial System since World War II; the Exchange Stabilization Fund Managed by the New York Fed; Digital Currencies and the Shadow Government. 

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Should one be surprised that

Should one be surprised that neither Ms. Fitts nor Ms. Faulkner mentions the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report OR the Black Eagle Trust Fund? Details by Walter Burien, Jr., at and Black Eagle Trust Fund -

Should one be surprised that

Should one be surprised that neither Ms. Fitts nor Ms. Faulkner mentions the (notoriously UNMENTIONED-by -the-Corporate-AND-phony-"left"-press, e.g., "Democracy-someday-maybe") Comprehensive Annual Financial Report? Details from independent researcher, Walter Butien, Jr., at . The "rotten egg" CAFR was hatched after world War II by lawyers, and it has remained virtually invisible ever since....

Catherine Austin Fitts has

Catherine Austin Fitts has had problems in the past with listener complaints to KPFA. I've listened to her over the years and have concerns. No doubt she knows the score. But I worry she is trying to make money by appealing to those of us cynical about the system. A wolf in sheeps clothing. In this interview she explains some ideas well. But she is also (as is usual) self promoting, confusing, and draws some bizarre conclusions about reinvestment. I'm comfortable listening to left leaning scholars selling books, but not an 'entrepreneur' trying to sell her company. Cherry pick some of her thoughts, and avoid the rest.

The larger issue here is that

The larger issue here is that the alternative and deep political research community has been absolutely infiltrated by far right neo Nazis fascists and Teabaggers. Some more crypto than others.The daunting problems this presents when attempting to initiate someone into a deeper understanding of many sociopolitical events should be obvious. The left media has not taken the appropriate steps to confront these appropriators and infiltrators.

Catherine Austin Fitts spoke

Catherine Austin Fitts spoke in front of several Confederate flags at a "League of the South" conference. League of the South is a Neo-Confedarate "Christian" hate group. She's also appeared numerous times on the Jeff Rense Radio Network, which also hosts daily radio programs by David Duke and Don Black of Stormfront. She's stated she wants society "cleansed." What does that mean now that we know the kind of company she keeps? Where's the integrity Bonnie?

Fitts is a Bush

Fitts is a Bush Administration Alien UFO Looney. What's going on Bonnie? Too many yoga classes? Next you'll be having Ramtha on the show.

How do a get a copy of the

How do a get a copy of the show with Catherine Austin Fitts? Joe Fonda

Email me at
Excellent. Explains where the

Excellent. Explains where the money come from to fund and maintain the open global and and intra stellar energy grid system.

Excellent! Ms Fitts must be

Excellent! Ms Fitts must be commended for revealing the world behind these huge numbers which can boggle the mind without her expert guidance.

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