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Guns and Butter - July 23, 2014 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for July 23, 2014 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"The Post World War II System of Hidden Finance" with Dr. Joseph Farrell

The National Security Finance Intelligence Military Industrial Complex

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All you need to know about

All you need to know about this conference is that it was hosted by Swedish NeoNazi Henrik Palmgren who is in league with David Icke.

One hidden meaning is 'where'

One hidden meaning is 'where' has all the monies earned and poked into off-shore monies, other than mobstering, from bringing down the asbestos laden 3-WTC NYC buildings on Sept 11th, 2001 g-o-n-e?

Was there a need not to mention nor give reference to a government 'secret' holdings account overlooked?

Not-so-depleted ur-238 in the wingtips of those two 'commercial/passenger' aero-jets has not been brought to the we-People for justice sake--yet shall be published--but is currently overlooked.

I like liberty, why so much of that for cultural devaluation when Ecology devalued is CHEM-tRails galore--indignantly above KPFA stations and the whole san-fRan region, time after time, again, too!

the peace-Warrior

I think, after listening to

I think, after listening to Dr Farrell, that the infamous Joe McCarthy era, his accusations although a little off, was essentially, actually right, and must be investigated once again, including the origin of smear and slander operation McCarthy was subjected to, eventually shutting him down. However, that the highest echelons of government, the State Department, DOD, CIA, FBI, Academia, Science, Finance and Banking, and Entertainment and Culture was indeed infiltrated, gets little notice.
We must put all these ideologies, events, people and organizations, the Council of Cultural Freedom, Universal Fascists, NAZI's and Communists, the Austrian School disguised as true American economy, the Chicago School, Harvard, Yale, the elitist war against post WWII America and the FDR New Deal, the public execution of Pres Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission, the Democratic Leadership Council, Wall St. the Fed, etc. all conducting their part of "The Slow disintegration, and the now, accelerating collapse of the American economy" policy going on today. This NAZI International is responsible for the current destabilization crisis of the United States, now operating thermonuclear WWIII on behalf of a 'foreign power'; it must be recognized, confronted, and terminated ASAP. The whole world is depending on the stabilization of the United States and the cessation of war, the reorganization of the global economic/financial system that will sustain and perpetuate humanity.

I find it difficult to

I find it difficult to comprehend how the U.S. government after WWII covertly absorbed the Nazis into the creation of the CIA, NSA and NASA, and to reconcile that with the U.S. government's total complicity with and abject obeisance to Israel and the Zionists worldwide.

The Nazis and the Zionists

The Nazis and the Zionists were in a secret pact before WW2, for transfer of Judaic refugees from Germany to Palestine. There was also a study showing of Nazi top leadership wasn't anti-Judaic. After WW2, when the "Nazi" party NSDAP moved it's headquarters to Spain and Latin America, it was said that it's leader prefer the company of rich Jews to that of poor Nazis.

Sources: The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine (Edwin Black); the study I mentioned was discussed a decade ago, I've forgotten where; and the last points I made are from Martin Bormann - Nazi in Exile, by Paul Manning, ch. 8, p. 290 in the online edition.

So, you see, the rich tend to be friends no matter what; we may see in this a pattern of capitalism.

There is a pro Fascist sect

There is a pro Fascist sect with the Israeli far right and of course the neocons. eg Ledeen. Check Lenni Brenner Zionism in the Age of Dictators Many other historians discuss the collaboration of Zionism with the Third Reich including Edwin Black The Transfer Agreement, Heinz Hohne Order of the Death's Head re the proposed SS-Haganah alliance of 1936 1937

Well, I disagree with the

Well, I disagree with the comments made on 7/24 by someone who felt this was "not well presented and organised." First of all, one must realize that this is an hour-and-a-half presentation that has full 1/2 hour edited out of it to fit one hour format. Having paid to livestream the entire conference, I know there was good info in that missing content. Farrell is covering material from at least three of his roughly 24 books, all of them expounding and documenting his thesis, which he covers here with broad strokes. If you want more detail, check out his books! They are fabulous. This is a HUGE topic, which affects every single thing in our lives -- hardly inconsequential! Who but Farrell (and now Catherine Austin Fitts) have addressed their suspicion of a COMPLETELY FRAUDULENT HIDDEN LAYER OF FINANCE (no, NOT the black budget!) that intersects at points with the economy we all know about. How can one make investment decisions when there is this level of "material omission" regarding factors that underlay all financing in the global economy? AND the fact that it is all financing a secret space program, and that space is likely already being collatealrized to fund it. And WHY do we need a secret space program? Because the defense/intelligence people back in the 40's determined that there were simply too many UFO's to be produced on terra, even if the technology were known. Therefore, they needed to get up to speed technologically as quickly as possible before any potential alien recreates the "Tower of Babel" moment when those pesky humans started approaching technological parity or threatl I should also mention that Farrell was the only presenter asked to give TWO presentations; so there is a level on which this first one lays the groundwork for his talk the next day, which went more heavily into the financial side of the equation. I hope they upload that interview (or an edited version, even) also. It would be truly unfortunate if even one person passed up listening to this interview because of the one guy's negative comments. I suspect he either didn't really listen, didn't really get it, or is a troll....which Farrell DOES get fairly frequently because of the explosive nature of his research. Checkhimout!

not one program has dealt

not one program has dealt with BRICS development bank. Only DN had Stiglitz on briefly about it.

You need to get Jim DiEugenio

You need to get Jim DiEugenio on about the JFK Assassination and its mediation via CIA in Holly wood.

he is a mess. how can you

he is a mess. how can you give him a show

Story is not well presented

Story is not well presented and organised. Hard to follow and make any conclusions. It's just a bunch of disjointed observations prefaced with 'listen carefully'..

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