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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari - August 31, 2014 at 9:00am

The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari, for August 31, 2014 - 9:00am

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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari

Labor Day, with Bill Fletcher, Jr., co-founder of the Center for Labor Renewal and co-author of "Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice," and Ken Jacobs, Chair of the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education and Co-editor of the book “When Mandates Work, Raising Labor Standards at the Local Level;” and Ceasefire in Gaza, with Ghada Hashem Talhami, Professor of Politics, emerita, Lake Forest College.

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" a CIA creation, by

" a CIA creation, by the way...when we see this war between ISIS...and never see that on the part of Palestinians...Why do you think ISIS is a CIA creation? ...Of course, who else paid money for it...who else nurtured it...why did Erdogan open his borders to them...why did Chechens and people from Bosnia and people from Eastern Europe come in and joined the Iraqis and the Syrian militants...who did that...who financed them...Saudi Arabia financed them with the OK of the CIA is a CIA creation...the same way in which the CIA supported the Islamics who fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1979 and eventually we ended up with the Taliban...which is an accellerated Islamization...and a more extreme Islamization of the resistance in Afghanistan" ...thank you Professor Talhami

The most interesting part of

The most interesting part of the show was after Phillip's comment that airbnb is YELPED up the ying yang and that system allows airbnb tenants to have good information on what their experience would likely be at said location. This was in response to Mr Fletcher's comment that there was no good regulation of airbnb and they could have rats and stuff. Mr Flethcer responded that he did not see the public commenting by previous aibnb guests to be useful in regard to his concerns. Pushing the news on rats aside, Mr Fletcher now wanted to alert us to fire danger at airbnb rentals compared to a well regulated hotel. I am not clear whether it is the fire warning devices and fire extinguishers, or whether it is the nature of stays at airbnnb which is causing the concerns. I don't think I have seen fire extinguishers at hotel rooms, but I could have missed since it was not a big concern. Airbnb does require hosts to have CO and smoke detectors and guests have every opportunity to report violations by host on the online guestbooks. So quite honestly I do not think Mr Fletcher's examples are impressive, though I do think the debate is a worthy one

. Mr Fletcher also tends to generalize, claiming 'regulation' is essential and to go outside of such measures is cheating or dangerous. The example here is that those renting out rooms on airbnb are not paying hotel taxes, and therefore not fair. Well just because one court has ruled that any rentals for less than thirty days are illegal, or that airbnb host are in facts hotel keepers. Yes those things happened, but I do not think the story ends there. Questions remain whether the public believes they should be treated as the same thing, and whether there are objective advantages to having airbnb in a less regulated manner

Also Mr Fletcher referred to the information from past airbnb guests as anecdotal. Sorry but for me I would rather have personal testimonials as opposed to assurances of government regulators any day. Also anecdotal is used in a really strange context here since that type of information is usually considered substandard in comparison to a professional standard of some sort.The most obvious example of this kind of use of anecdotal might be in individuals who evaluate their own health and any cause and effect implications that they might draw in comparison to double blind studies and the so called hard science. The problem with this is what is the professional standard in this case Mr Fletcher presents. In other words if the information from previous guests is anecdotal and substandard, what is the higher class of information that Mr Fletcher believes potential airbnb guests need or want

A good analogy might be that of growing local food. Here in Napa 'the regulations' for growing food tend to be prohibitive towards being able to grow things in an organic manner or in terms of making a profit. Yet at the same time those of us in the local food movement are working on alternative forms of trade and certifications for safety and the like. In other words i fail to see that the regulatory rules written and enforced by local officials are better than the standards reached by those growing food in alternative trading systems. Alternative growers can certainly implement their own inspection protocols just as well as the official regulators Mr Fletcher seems to be preoccupied with.

The final points are about localism and sustainability. Using local housing gives us the benefits of the multiplier effect in terms of local dollars as compared to the generally corporate nature of hotels in most communities. In relation to sustainability we are using maximizing the use of existing built dwelling space to reasonable degree as opposed to needing new construction for hotels. This is similar to the potentials in Uber and the like in that they could reduce the amount of overall travel and traffic that a single employee taxi might require. In other words,in a small town you might be able to pay for two full time taxi drivers. We would assume that such drivers would have considerable downtime and likely slow response times often as well. Yet if Uber, or the like, were to reach the status of having a large on call network of drivers who would respond more to calls in their vicinity then it pretty obvious overall driving miles would be reduced to the system of just two full time employees

Matt Grantham

"Israel appropriates West

"Israel appropriates West Bank land for possible settlement use"

Why does the western media dance around how they report "land grab", "thievery"????

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