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Flashpoints - March 16, 2012 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for March 16, 2012 - 5:00pm

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The DREAM Act is NOT only about Education. It is ALSO about Militarizing immigrant youth! There is an equal provision in the DREAM Act for immigrant youth to join the military for access to citizenship. Passage of the DREAM Act will place tens of thousands of at risk immigrant youth into the U.S. military meat-grinder, to protect and defend the expansion of U.S. Imperialism. Promoters of the DREAM Act want you to believe it is ONLY about education. It is NOT!

It is very dangerous to hear Flashpoints, and KPFA in general, support and promote legislation that will end up encouraging tens of thousands of immigrant youth into a military nightmare. The DREAM Act legislation was originally drafted by both Republicans and Democrats. After the crimes of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam the public was fed up and the draft was ended, and replaced with the all enlisted military. The Chicano Moratorium during the Vietnam War demonstrated that the Latino community would not tolerate drafting our youth into a military that is used by Washington and the Pentagon to fight illegal wars any longer.

All these years later Republicans and Democrats have devised a way to gain support in the Latino community to recruit Latino/immigrant youth into the Military Industrial Complex of war profiteers: tie access to education and military service together in the same legislation, and gain support in the Latino community from those who are desperately seeking higher education and citizenship. Give them the loudest voice in support of this legislation, and turn your back on the thousands of voiceless at-risk youth who's only future is the Prison Industrial Complex, or the Military Industrial Complex.

We should ALL demand that unless the military provision is excluded from the legislation, we will OPPOSE the DREAM Act. Only a small percentage of Latino/immigrant youth will seek college after High School. Skyrocketing tuition fees, student debt after graduation, and overall cuts in eduction funding will limit the number of immigrant youth attending higher education. But the military provision in the DREAM Act will flood the military with desperate youth. The POVERTY DRAFT! Military Recruiters are smothering High School campuses with a major focus on poor and Latino communities. In the East Side Union High School District in San José every High School has a JrROTC program. With passage of the Dream Act military recruiters will find it much easier to recruit teenage immigrant youth into the Military Industrial Complex.

I have attended many DREAM Act events and rally's and spoken with many "Dreamers". Many of them are unaware of the military provision. Others proclaim that it is their choice to join the military. Poverty is not a choice. It is thrust upon you. This is merely a cop-out excuse that they have been taught by their Dream Act organizers and political advisors. It is a selfish attitude that didn't exist during the Chicano Moratorium where the Latino community cared about everyone in our community, not just for some.

Check out my counter-recruitment website. I have been doing counter-recruitment on High School campuses every week, twice a week for 7 years in the South Bay:

Flashpoints/KPFA, please have me on your programming to express this point of view. I have requested in the past with no results.

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