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Guns and Butter - March 21, 2012 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for March 21, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"European Integration: The ECB Laid Bare" with Marshall Auerback. A history of European unification; problems today in the European monetary union; the three Germanys; the fallacy of composition; three possible solutions; Aesop's Fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper as it applies to the European Union today.

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Marshall Auerbach is a wolf

Marshall Auerbach is a wolf dressed in sheep skins. The NWO wishes to put the entire globe under a central government , and more importantly and effectively, under a single currency. This is a multi-generational strategy by the world's elite banking families. The first step was to get Orwellian continental "sovereignties," the European Union with the Euro, the North American Union (preceded by NAFTA) eventually with the Amero, with similar zones in South America and Asia. Since there was too much political opposition in Europe to going into a political Union in the 1950's onward, they decided that they would stick their camel nose under the tent with a monetary union. They realized that his would inevitably collapse, bankrupting the sovereign nations to the bankers and enabling their technocratic minions to take over. Under the thin guise of popularism, a technique not unknown to the CIA as it destabilizes governments, Auerbach's "solutions" (coincidentally) seem to be identical to that of the Goldman Sachs graduates Draghi, Rehn, (three card) Monti, et. al. Do not be deceived by his slick, pseudo democratic disinformation.

Gallinazo, I agree with you

Gallinazo, I agree with you on all of the points you made. Hopefully more people will start to REALLY educate themselves.

I enjoyed very much the shows

I enjoyed very much the shows from this recent conference. I have very much appreciated the availability of the transcripts on media roots as well,i hope your able to continue posting more transcripts of shows with them, sometimes it just really helps to be able to read some of those as well as of course listening to the shows,great job as usual,thank's Bonnie & crew!

This program contained a lot

This program contained a lot of talk and more talk. Beating around the bush. Superficially covered HOW the financial robbery was orchestrated. The WHO, WHY, and WHEN was left out. This talk
promoted a lot of nation to nation finger pointing. All nations should be pointing their fingers at the INTERNATIONAL banksters. There were also some incorrect statements made. One of those is that the US issues its own currency. Unfortunately, that is not so. The Federal Reserve (a central bank) does that in exchange for government bonds (debt obligations). The central banking model is dominant in most European nations. The euro currency was the Trojan horse to destroy national economies. The creation of the international (global) economy is necessary for the international banksters so they can easily steel the wealth of nations and people.

In my opinion these have been

In my opinion these have been the most interesting of everything I've heard on this show! It explains the mechanism and philosophical constructs behind what's happening in the developed world and how we've all been sold-out. The heads of state have given away their power for money. Good luck to us all.

I love this show but these

I love this show but these past few episodes have been so dull I haven't been able to listen to them. It's not that I disagree with the content; it's just that the slow pace of the speakers (as they pause to be translated into other languages) and the monetary-speak are a deadly combo that utterly destroys my ability to stay engaged with the program. Regardless I'll keep tuning in because Guns and Butter can be a great show and I always look forward to another show.

For a transcript of this

For a transcript of this broadcast, please visit

Also, please find therein transcripts of previous Guns and Butter broadcasts, including the previous MMT programmes, other Guns and Butter broadcast transcripts, and more.

I understand your

I understand your frustration, Chewbacca. Sadly, others will likely find it challenging to learn from this incredibly important Italian Summit on Modern Monetary Theory. Please visit, for transcripts of the recent broadcasts featuring audio from this MMT Summit in Rimini, Italy. Perhaps, they may help in grasping the substance of the discussions on Modern Monetary (or Money) Theory. It's astounding how important notions of money creation and debt creation are to democracy and, yet, how resistant we can be toward the disciplines of political economy. Much love and respect, Chewbacca. And big thanks to Bonnie Faulkner for travelling to Italy to document this very important event of radical economics. May the KPFA community support and uplift such great work.

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