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Letters and Politics - March 22, 2012 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for March 22, 2012 - 10:00am

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I agree completely with the

I agree completely with the above comment. this man has it all wrong in my opinion. he hasn't been out in the streets or listening to alternative news like kpfa or democracy now. a little too smug in my opinion. i did read his second book.WGN4H7Q

I haven't even listened to

I haven't even listened to this broadcast yet; I'm about to do so now. But I don't doubt the first two analyses. Mitch Jeserich is a pro-Democrat partisan, along with the rest of his faction within KPFA and its Local Station Board ("SaveKPFA," aka. "Concerned Listeners, etc.). As a listener for decades, I can attest they all subscribe to the notion of supporting the Democrat Party.

If one has payed close attention, even archiving personal mp3s of broadcasts KPFA deletes from public access, you can go back through the historical record and find an ambivalent attitude from the SK faction. SK must be counting on listeners to never look back, to only be influenced by their pro-Democrat programming without any critical reflection afterwards. As Noam Chomsky noted, the dissenting view (such as this) is harder to prove because it takes longer to explain and won't fit in the 'newshole' or commentary boards restricted to concision. But I'll try anyway and encourage others to find out for themselves about the SK faction at KPFA, which really opposes truly radical protest and activism.

The SK faction only covered the Occupy Movement because it would've been absurd for them to ignore it. But they've taken their potshots where they could. Early on insidious reports from Brian Edwards-Tiekert (BET) described Occupy SF, as chaotic or circus-like in thinly veiled terms. Another woman, a SK-partisan board member, reported during KPFA News Headlines on the Occupy Berkeley crackdowns by cops, as being rather warranted because some people smoked pot or drank alcohol in the area, as if that didn't occur before. It was just really a view resentful of Occupy because it shunned the Democrat Party. If you listen to the coverage of the Occupy Oakland Port Shutdowns, you'll notice the stark contrast between SK programming (by Jeserich, BET, Sasha Lilley, et al.) and the more honest, bold, and sincere humanity of the Flashpoints/Hard Knock Radio broadcasts.

I could give tons of examples, but I'll just do one more. Check the recent coverage of the Occupy Education march and rally to Sacramento. The SK faction eagerly played pro-Democrat propaganda from the MoveOn-in-sheep's-clothing rally on stage. It was disgusting. Obama shill Van Jones was aired, but by now (after listener criticism) Jeserich slyly didn't announce Van Jones' name to have it both ways. KPFA listeners should have heard critique of Van Jones and his pro-Obama ideology, of all the Democrats. By contrast, the later Flashpoints coverage delved into much of the corruption Democrats have engaged in when it came to defunding, undermining, and privatising public education. Yet, from listening to the SK faction at KPFA, you'd think the thing to do would be to vote Democrat when they've been just as dirty as Republicans in selling out the public good. And, yet, day in day out, we hear about all of the failures and betrayals from the Democrat Party at the Executive and Legislative branches. Yet, somehow, some sort of cognitive dissonance is at play when SK drones on and on about the twin corporate parties, as if there's any meaningful difference between them. So, now that we get closer to November, expect to hear the SK faction doing their best to undermine the Occupy Movement, sell Obama apologism, and insidiously promote the Democrat Party through suggestion and doublespeak. Forget that; let's expose these people for what they are and resist if we disagree.

Please read for more info on the architecture restricting or enhancing KPFA's progressive character.

Your guest today claimed OWS

Your guest today claimed OWS did not challenge the dominant American paradigm--the American Dream, if you will--but only wanted the 99% to be able to share in that dream. He then used that claim to support his own work. But he's just plain wrong; many in OWS do critique American empire. Then how did he arrive at his conclusion? Not by actually talking to folks at the OWS encampment, he acknowledged, but by reading about it. That's lazy scholarship--if scholarship it can be called.

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