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Letters and Politics - March 23, 2012 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for March 23, 2012 - 10:00am

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The segment on Obama’s World

The segment on Obama’s World Bank nomination smacks of shameless Obama apologism and electioneering. In 2008, Mitch Jeserich and his pro-Democrat Party faction within KPFA and on its Board (“SaveKPFA,” formerly “Concerned Listeners,” etc.) were all cheerleaders for Obama. It’s astounding how all intelligence evaporates on broadcasts by Letters and Politics, Against the Grain, the News Department, etc., (“SaveKPFA” faction programming) as soon as it comes to electoral politics and the question of the Democrat Party’s collusion with the Republican Party in maintaining the status quo.

All KPFA listeners know full well Obama has been more of a Republican than Republicans. And, yet, the entire assumption of Jeserich’s discussion was whether or not Obama faced any threats to his election campaign. Evidently, as a listener, I’m supposed to gasp and say, ‘Oh, dear. I hope Obama wins,’ because if Jeserich really had a critical analysis or approach he’d have questioned the role of the World Bank in subjugating nations, alongside the IMF. Jeserich would be critical of Obama, of the Democrat Party, of the rigged two-party system.

But he’s not because he doesn’t care about the fundamental corruptions of our political process. Jeserich simply follows the Pentagon’s military-industrial-media complex narrative. We’re all supposed to be relieved Obama didn’t nominate Larry Summers, just as we’re supposed to be thankful for having Obama as a president (who is more Republican than Republicans) because if not we’d have a Republican. Instead of informing listeners about the nominating process for the World Bank czar, Jeserich fear-mongers the listeners about vile Larry Summers so as to promote the slightly less vile, total establishment tool, Jim Yong Kim.

The false left/right paradigm isn’t fooling anyone. Mitch Jeserich should be ashamed of himself. And, perhaps, so should we because we do not really seem to care about having a sham political process where we choose between two false, corporate-funded, political parties because we can’t stomach debating partisan principles, rendering us incapable of critiquing political parties, namely the two-corporate parties we enable or support.

"Mich Jeserich should be

"Mich Jeserich should be ashamed of himself"? You need to relax a little. What other show on the radio interviews someone about anarchism for an hour? If you think Mich Jeserich is the root of corporate corruption and Jim Yong Kim is an establishment tool, might I suggest you go out and spend some time talking with some normal people?

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