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Behind the News with Doug Henwood - March 24, 2012 at 10:00am

Behind the News with Doug Henwood, for March 24, 2012 - 10:00am

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Bleat, Bleat, Boring, Boring.

Bleat, Bleat, Boring, Boring. How typical of reactionaries and idiots!

Boring? An account of the

Boring? An account of the Argentinan state's refusal in 2001 to default on its loan repayments (which the Greek people can insist its own gvt. does today), & an account of how the Brit gvt. during World War 2 allowed a huge famine in India to happen?

This is boring? My friend, you are more alienated than I feared you were. Please reflect & re-gain some of the humanity you know you have lost.

I see somebody wrote in to

I see somebody wrote in to say this was a "boring show."


Well, first of all, I myself did not find this show to be the least bit boring, especially the intro and the second interview, with the scientist-turned-historian whose book I hope to read. (I was actually trained as a historian, but I read few narrative history books now. I believe historians still have much to learn from Foucault. And maybe Kuhn too, among other theorists.)

Back to the show & my response the other comment....

I probably need to listen to it again, since I might have missed some things, but I did think the first guest repeated himself a bit, and presented relatively little hard data or argument. Again, though, I might have missed things.

Finally, to my most important point, in response to the person who wrote the other comment...

With all due respect, your assertion that this week's show is boring says more about you than the show. Few things, if any, are inherently boring. Typically, boredom reflects a lack of critical & active thinking on the part of the reader, or listener, or viewer. Or boredom signals that the reader, listener or viewer, lacks the background knowledge or training (in short, the context) to identify the relevance of a text or audio interview, etc. Or boredom can simply be a sign that the reader, listener, or viewer has not enjoyed sufficient sleep, food, sex, or coffee, or whatever other chemical substance upon which he or she might depend. (After all, a heroin addict finds everything in the world to be very boring unless he or she has sufficient heroin in his or her bloodstream. Or so I hear.) In conclusion, I suggest people keep it to themselves if they find something to be boring.

And Doug, please keep up the good work.

Probably the most boring show

Probably the most boring show yet!

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