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Managers Report to the Listeners - April 2, 2012 at 8:00am

Managers Report to the Listeners, for April 2, 2012 - 8:00am

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I just want to know where my

I just want to know where my recall ballot is.

RE: Where is your ballot The

RE: Where is your ballot
The so-called "SAVE" KPFA disinformers have implied that the ballots should have been sent out. They couldn't have been sent by the deadline given, as they themselves delayed the election by vetoing the election supervisor set to go, who has been deemed fair in the past two elections, including the ones they skewed with on-air and other violations. When they and others did agree on a supervisor for the recall, (about a month ago or less), it seemed to many that it is so close to the rest of the board election and so expensive that delaying it until after the main election might make sense. I don't know the latest, but I do know the above. The reason this recall was hoked up is to foil the rather fair set-up now in place of proportional representation whereby no one group can take the entire national board, but a minority is likely to have a voice. The SAVE'er slavers have run the national board until the past couple of years (you know, the years the network almost went into bankruptcy). So, be patient. see,,, and

Andrew I called in today but


I called in today but you did not answer my question. Why do you not carry news from the South American news station TeleSur? You have on all news that is liberal or conserative which is the capitalist viewpoint. Telesur gives a socialist point view KPFA is clearly in a censorship mode.

Frankly I am tired of hearing the Mornng Mix give Hillary Clinton's views on Syria. You do not have any views to oppose her rapicious war cries. Why not have Hallinan give his views about U.S. imperialism plan to control Syria?

Albert take a trip to Venzuela where you can see openness on radio and tv. They allow the capitalist to put out their viewpoint in addition to the socialist viewpoint. You and KPFA are blinded by the conservative- liberal capitalist perspective. Wake Up!


Having been away from the Bay

Having been away from the Bay Area for a while, I haven't listened much recently to the Morning Mix or any other programs on KPFA. But I'm curious which Morning Mix hosts have been giving pro-imperialist-intervention views on Syria.

Moreover, I'm also curious which of the programmers from the faction John Murcko supports have been exposing imperialist machinations in the Syrian conflict? Based on its history, I doubt if the Weekday News has been very good on the subject and I doubt that Aimee Allison or BE-T would be much better if they were still doing the Morning Show..

Hi, John Murcko, Please don't

Hi, John Murcko,

Please don't get the Morning Mix mixed up with the news headlines by Aileen Alfandary and other KPFA "news" folks who usually either rip or read or use news from other established sources. That's just the first 10 minutes of the show. She and they are members of a small group who have their grip on the station despite new manager Andrew Phillips' valiant attempts to create dialog, understanding, policy, and excellent radio at the station. The Morning Mix "proper" (after the headlines you and I and many others lament) has done some excellent stories despite its being now being hosted by volunteers. With regards to the news department at KPFA, there are a few exceptions to the terriblly disheartening air-wasting you, I, and many others lament. Ann Garrison, who has also posted a comment right below here, is one such exception. As she jokes -- she's finally made the KPFA website with one of her stories! (in the comment below) Unfortunately, the website at KPFA seems to be held privately by these very out-of-touch stenographers for the party line (in the same group as the headline-readers). Eventually, listeners will realize they've been had by the "black is white" "night is day" "war is peace" SAVEKPFA luminaries, and things will turn around. Meantime...

I thought Conn Hallinan was excellent and clear on Syria as well (versus the other crap as you better put it, that we hear over and over and over). However, Hallinan is a member of this small group of usurpers at the station who are, despite good work elsewhere, using their good names to fool listeners into believing complete disinformation with regards to Pacifica and KPFA. I know you're busy, but I hope you'll take time to read,,, and/or Several well-informed Pacifica board members from around the network have also recently written good letters on this, which I will try to post at tomorrow.

A board election is coming up at KPFA, and I would not like to hear more self-promotion by the Conn Hallinans who are then believed on all other subjects as well. It's an age-old trick, as I'm sure you know well. But I would like to hear actual reporting about Syria, not war-mongering press-releases. I've also heard good analysis on Voices of the Middle East and North Africa, Wed. night, 7 pm, Africa Today, Mon. night 7 pm, and Apex Express Thu. night 7 pm. AND on the Morning Mix proper, (after the headlines if you can just turn the radio off for 10 minutes at the beginning and then turn it on after the press-release propaganda- reading) in addition to stories Ann has done for the weekend news.

I'm a KPFA Weekend News

I'm a KPFA Weekend News reporter and co-producer of AfrobeatRadio, a weekly show on Pacifica's New York sister station WBAI, where my focus is the U.S. in Africa. I am always fighting the faux humanitarian, imperial justification for intervention, and I produced this news piece in response to the repeated calls for NATO and the UN Security Council to intervene in Syria, as they did in Libya, and, as they failed to in Rwanda, or so we've been told for the past 18 years, since the Rwanda Genocide. Here's my Weekend News report: "Stopping the next Rwanda in Syria?,"

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