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Flashpoints - April 3, 2012 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for April 3, 2012 - 5:00pm

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We see our government growing

We see our government growing against our medical MJ community instead of easing up. I see so many users taking for granted that other's will fight the fight & they don't even think about the freedom that seems in danger of being taken away. I feel the tension mounting. If we ALL would stand united, we'd be so much more powerful. United, we stand & divided we fall.

to the blowhard who called in

to the blowhard who called in to use the racist term "marijuana" to describe cannabis and further smear the herb's adherents as "lazy"..
broad generalizations aren't gonna cut it. Dennis was quite right to contrast our med with ever-pernicious alcohol, which is hugely physically damaging and addictive, unlike ganja. The policy insanity under which we suffer is surely down to mega-industry lobbying-- Congress has long been wined and dined by execs of wine/booze/beer sectors and their lack of cognitive function reflects it. Also now true with Obama/Holder & Co., obviously.

I monitor MSM radio headlines regularly, and wow, did yesterday provide a veritable buttload of perfectly-timed distraction Big Headlines to make this sinister Fed powergrab something that every, damned, MSM news outfit feel the need to shove off the radar, effecting a very complete cover-up as far as the media-bubbled masses (I've lived in ruralplaces like The Heartland and am painfully aware of these peoples' controlled environments!)

Folks, do yourselves a favor and keep up on this topic with sites like ..
along with the usual great progressive aggregators like and & and and mags such as and (and surely I'm leaving out many deserving others..)

Cultural Baggage
Century of Lies
... both available from ..
both from an ex-cop, now member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).. go back and listen to some old shows-- great interviews, speeches etc.
(While you're at it, .. from ex-DEA, now best-selling whistleblower Mike Levine over at sister ... surely some of the countless hours of ho-hum music could be dropped from the line-up in favor of crucial shows from Pacifica sisters. I.e., WBAI carries both Guns&Butter AND KPFK's Background Briefing (too Democrat party-line, but deep foreign affairs analysis!)

Keep speaking truth to power, Flashpoints!

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