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Terra Verde - April 20, 2012 at 1:00pm

Terra Verde, for April 20, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Terra Verde

Some scientists say it's possible to geoengineer the climate to make amends for the atmospheric impacts of carbon-based industrialization. Whether they call it climate remediation, solar radiation management, or simply weather modification, it’s worth investigating. Joining us to share their findings are Rosalind Peterson of the Agriculture Defense, Mauro Oliveira of Geoengineering, and Michael Murphy of Truth Media Productions.

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Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this program. It is time that those who talk of global warming to take the "cloud" making activities of the jets onto account. Corporations and the military are taking over our weather and planetary systems and the environmentalists are too otherwise occupied to notice what is happening before our very eyes.

I started paying more

I started paying more attention to the sky,clouds since August 2011 after a friend told me about chemtrails, geo engineering and even though i am a rather skeptical person i have to say what i see makes me wonder....

The constant spraying in San

The constant spraying in San Francisco is making me physically ill.

I e-mailed David Keith about

I e-mailed David Keith about this when he was at the University of Calgary (now he's at Harvard...). He wrote me back saying that he would never do anything that he felt to be unethical. Well, what about IMMORAL?? For that matter, I wonder if the problem he's having is with his ability actually to FEEL anything, since he said he wouldn't do anything that he FELT to be unethical. But when you're in the numb stages on the way to your spiritual demise, what do you expect? He is suffering from spiritual autism, at the very least. Oh, and profiteering like hell, too, since he is president of a company that does geoengineering. Can you say "Conflict of interest?" Sheesh!

It's time to self-educate and

It's time to self-educate and outreach. We heard about the whats and the whys, and how about those whos, too! One of the names that came up was KEN CALDEIRA, of the Bay's very own Stanford University, a Professor (by Courtesy) in the Department of Global Ecology (paid for by the Carnegie Institution for Science), who once worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and served as a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Check the links, then try DIY social network analysis! And thanks for your input!!

There is no doubt in my mind

There is no doubt in my mind that geoengineering is about power through controlling the weather and geosphere. I have been expressing my alarm since 1998 when it became very visibly intense in our once very blue skies over California. Our health and the planet's health is in grave danger due to the spraying of these toxic chemicals into our breathing space, onto our plants, waters, and all living things. These chemicals are also used with the HAARP and related antennas to heat and expand the stratosphere as part of the ongoing experiments with weather , earthquakes , and human mind control. Pulse weapons are enhanced using these toxic metal salts in the atmosphere. Microwave is used in such intensity and quantity that it is off the safety scales no matter how many times they raise exposure safety levels.

If you look at Mr. Andersson's credentials you can see that he has been up close to these programs.


thanks so much for this

thanks so much for this show
rosalind spoke to our council, as she will speak to anyones, giving her keynote speech to the United Nations- - you can see an indepth interview on her website that is very informative- she has loads of info on california water, toxic metal spikes as well as lots of other topics--Michael Murphy's film can be viewed at,

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