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Letters and Politics - May 10, 2012 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for May 10, 2012 - 10:00am

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Nice of Wolff - a real

Nice of Wolff - a real sweetheart, good teacher, etc. and I appreciate the generalizations - put more people to work - it helps those people and it kind of helps 'the economy', sort of, for a while.
Meanwhile, problems:
Full employment in capitalism means more people employed than when there's high unemployment.
That's not full employment.
Jobs being done can be tearing down native plants, ruining healthy watersheds; cracking atoms, a permanently murderous waste to everyone/every being everywhere; raping the lands, seas, waters, air. Making junk that is short lived, useful temporarily depending on the accompanying technology. And all the rest of the wasteful production, as you know. Heroic among these is production of plastic bags. You go to the store to buy a fresh plastic bag to fill with disposables, polluting the landfill with plastic which is not recyclable - reuse of plastic requires heavy machinery to grind it up adding horrifying, uncontrolled chemicals to make it into shoes or a couch... When just leaving the garbage in a container, dumping the container into another container, to be picked up by garbage collectors - until we've learned no-waste existence, disposed of without being wrapped in plastice to last eternity! All these requiring jobs to produce the alienating situation. No wonder people smoke and drink and shoot ....
Growth is what's ruinous. Production for our benefit in gentle care of Earth means so much else than growth of the production/profit numbers.
Who's left out of employment are young people, old people, Black/brown, women, distant people - distant from job centers - capitalists' source of wage slaves.
What's left out of the basic analysis is supply of comfort for all people unto our children's children, regardless of any qualifiers, criminality- street crime being a function of just that boardroom crime that requires profit.
FDR was about, as Wolff told us, again, stopping overthrow of capitalism, replacing it with communism socialism.
The amounts given people for survival were bare, became moreso quickly, as they were added into the 'economy' - the accounting mechanism - it's a wholly trinity socialpoliticaleconomic - no separation. - What's political is what's economy is what's social is what's political is what's etc. It's made to appear like a plant - grows of its own accord. But it's not. It's made by our Owners for their benefit, using our labor to slave here on THeir plantation.

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