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Uprising Radio - May 12, 2012 at 11:00am

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You'd well advance struggle

You'd well advance struggle in y/our behalf if you'd frequently put onto your show and urge putting onto Pacifica socialists who are campaigning in one or another socialist party or formation. Here in California where 10% of U.S. voters - and many more who can't get themselves to go vote for the reasons with which you're familiar - live, that information would be gloriously helpful. It's been said by many people, the struggle for socialism heals. Now it can work to heal Earth as well as people.
People who reject voting as not an alternative see their disempowerment and refuse to march to the insult. But many others are being disenfranchised where they live. If they'd get a chance to know of socialists' efforts to let people know what is going on, that the struggle is long and hard, not even addressed via our Owners' party(s), it could help many of us to expand our understanding and our work.
Ask Peace and Freedom Party people to come talk about what we do and why. Although Proposition 14, passed in 2010, has greatly limited and is likely ending, our access to the ballot, access that is carefully being denied people throughout the country, and throughout the world, we do have a candidate on the ballot here and there.
Please look into this. Read our platform. See that our Owners are not about greed but about maintaining their ownership through their ownership of the electoral arena.
We cannot elect justice in capitalism. The foundation of the brutality is not greed, as the church tells us, indicting us equally as The Rich. It is capitalism. Capitalism is the structure in which we live, why we have to stop it. Help people to call 'capitalism' instead of 'greed'. Saying greed makes it sound as though there needs to be a change of conscience. That's destructively disinformational. We're forced by our Owners to use language they permit us, instead of that's informational.
You can do better than to keep giving voice to our Owners' party(s). Interviewing candidates who are nicer than supporters of Dem/Rep is fine. But people need to be able to share their deep understanding that it is systemic, and how, and what the work is that's required to stop THem - our Owners, to whom we're enslaved, here on THeir plantation.

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