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Guns and Butter - May 16, 2012 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for May 16, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"A Debate On The Truth Behind the 9/11 Attacks" with Jonathan Kay and Webster Tarpley

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Webster, I wish to thank you

Webster, I wish to thank you for your great courage in the face of unremitting lies, distortions, and treason of those serving other countries other than the one of their birth.

Jonathan Kay writes for the

Jonathan Kay writes for the National Post, which is a very far right newspaper owned by Izzy Asper, & started by Lord Conrad Black (recently out of jail for fraud). The headlines are always about terrorism, bad muslims, pro-war (Iran), etc. It has been losing millions of dollars for a very long time,(it is read by very few people, and has very little advertising as a result), but is propped up by agenda-oriented money.

MR Radio Transcript: 9/11

MR Radio Transcript: 9/11 Coincidence Theory

Newtonian Physics: now

Newtonian Physics: now there's a Conspiracy.

RE: "Seriously does anyone

RE: "Seriously does anyone still listen..... If you don't deal with this stuff it just comes back to bite you in the ass. Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn are still in the news, for example. Do you really think that "radical liberals" would really support Obama parts of whose NDAA was just struck down. If you don't address the dramatis personae you will have to watch the same political theater over and over.

A+ for timing, F for content

A+ for timing, F for content and originality. C- for effort.

This was meant as a reply to

This was meant as a reply to A Kenny

Seriously does anyone still

Seriously does anyone still listen to this? Are there no other topics?
This used to be an interesting show, until roundabouts fall of 2001....

The Truth has no expiry

The Truth has no expiry date...

We look at the moon and we

We look at the moon and we start to impose our bias of patterns...

...we look from the million

...we look from the million plus corpses to the dupes of the Pentagon's false flag mind control operation to stand down NORAD interceptors and let drone piloted jetliners stage domestic terror blamed on the mercenaries we sent to Afghanistan to attack the USSR and ask if you are really stupid enough to believe in the '2 planes knock down 3 buildings' fairy-tale or just evil.

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