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Letters and Politics - May 17, 2012 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for May 17, 2012 - 10:00am

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hey,this gives me an

hey,this gives me an idea,hmm,how about my own book, i can even make-up what i_ want to say about addictions!

Considering the increasing

Considering the increasing widespread of addictions, and their dominant presence in most "developed?" countries, would that imply that more people are born with the low dopamine genetic problem? Or do we all have low dopamine and the "civilized?" world provides more opportunities to screw up? Which discards the dopamine explanation and we are back to the square one. And while there is very little real science in the field of psychology (similar to economy), anyone can claim anything. It is a not a rocket science (my field).

I don't see if anyone else

I don't see if anyone else has commented on Dr. Linden's suggestion that addictions are learned. This suggestion is not supported by any valid science. All the valid science shows addiction is a unique physiological process that only occurs in certain people (not anyone) and that these people are born with genetically low dopamine activity in the reward center. It is this low dopamine activity that runs the entire addiction process from the first use of the addictor to the final definitive addiction. My paper, Hypoism Hypothesis, on my web site documents all the science proving this to be the case. The current paradigm run by the hijacked brain hypothesis (HBH), the theory Dr. Linden is pushing, is not only scientifically disproven but 180 degrees opposite from the proven and correct genetic low dopamine theory.The difference between these two theories is astronomical in terms of fact as well as in implications. The HBH in one form or another has been killing addicts for a hundred years and the public needs to know about it. This interview was ludicrous. Selling the book for actual money is irresponsible editing by your show. Believing this man without reviewing the science behind his remarks is just irresponsible editing. Feel free to email me and I will direct you to the proper science backing my remarks. For the most part it's all referenced in my Hypoism Hypothesis paper.
This is way to important to be left unexplained. The addiction epidemic, the most severe public health crisis ever to hit our country, has been and is being fueled by this wrong theory.

Where can I find other

Where can I find other comments of this particular show, Dr. Linden's interview? They don't appear on this show's web page.

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