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Against the Grain - May 28, 2012 at 12:00pm

Against the Grain, for May 28, 2012 - 12:00pm

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Wow! Mr. McCurdy's timing is

Wow! Mr. McCurdy's timing is impeccable. A better example of unconscious application of the mathematical paradigm or biological and social individuality (even within a radio program's audience) could not have been arranged. Although, I'm sure he would not have tuned in to this program if he actually understood the mission of Against the Grain. Thank you, C S. I am a late blooming anarchist and I appreciate your earnest effort at bringing us these programs. They have been invaluable in my spiritual and emotional process - this one is a wealth of truth.

Thank you, Mr. God (AKA Jackf

Thank you, Mr. God (AKA Jackf McCurdy) for defining for someone as brilliant and well-read as C.S. Sung what his purpose is. I'm sure that even now he is emailing Glenn Beck to invite him on the show for some clear, worthwhile, acute, affordable and productive commentary. Apparently, according to your evaluation, you either have plenty of time to waste, or are not a
" reasonably informed person". I, as a member of "the public", can only humbly thank you for protecting us from exposure to "social, scientific and theoretical issues which are so difficult to understand for most people", presumably like us, yet so transparently simple for one with your superior intellect and literary clarity. If Beck is busy, perhaps Sung could persuade you to be a guest on his show to "advocate your ideology and views". After such exposure, I'm sure I would feel "much better able to function as (an) effective member of our society".

Bookchin's comments are pure

Bookchin's comments are pure drivel, hopelessly unclear and a waste of time for any reasonably informed person. I dare you to write a one-page summary of his remarks. Exposing his works to the public is NOT serving your purpose of informing people and helping them to understand social, scientific and theoretical issues, which are so difficult to comprehend by most people and as a consequence prevents them from serving as informed citizens, who this country needs so badly. Obtuse works such as these are costly counterproductive in that pursuit. You have an invaluable forum that could help bring about a more informed public that would be better able to function as effective members of our society. This kind of offering serves this purpose to no end. And so many of your programs fail in the same way. Please think about helping to inform people, not to advocate your ideology and views.

Please post my response to

Please post my response to this comment in the feedback stack. It was improperly sent to the "spam" bin.

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