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Up Front, June 1st, 2012 - June 1, 2012 at 7:00am

Up Front, for June 1, 2012 - 7:00am

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Up Front for June 1 - Ross Mirkarimi fights to remain sheriff

Ross Mirkarimi makes his case for why he should remain San Francisco Sheriff following a guilty plea in a domestic abuse case; plus unemployment rises again; and Sonali Kolhatkar on the Mexican presidential election.

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His wife said, in her

His wife said, in her deposition, that the doesn't drink, do drugs, or womanize.

We are witnessing the total

We are witnessing the total lack of justice here. The voters put well-earned faith in Ross. The Mayor, behaving as a despot, removed him and is out to destroy him and his family. To punish him in this way is unbefitting of a civilized society.

I was surprised to see what I

I was surprised to see what I consider a rare instance of KPFA slanting a socially important topic by presenting a rather one-sided story / defense by Ross Mirkarimi on the topic of Spousal Abuse. If we must hear a “Ross the Politically Persecuted” spin on the facts, we are equally entitled to here “Ross – San Francisco’s 21st Century Dorian Gray” … his real portrait finally being exposed to all of SF in his spousal-abuse case and ever changing “excuses” … his taking up yet more of our time and limited tax dollars in an ongoing distraction to the real social issues demanding our attention and resolve.

The bruised arm “distraction” so skillfully avoids the real issue … there are wounds inflicted that are often far more damaging yet far less visible … abuses having more subtle signs … observed in individual body language and group dynamics / heard in victim and family members speech and words. Psychological harm can be the most damaging, least noticeable, longest lasting form of cruelty that one person can inflict on another … so much so that the victim often blames themselves for the cruelty … so much so that the victim often protects the abuser.

I’m but a novice at this issue with only the most basic of training, but I know that the issue isn’t the child’s arm … it’s the entire family environment … it’s pre-event and post-event actions and their cumulative effect.

Add to this a story that continues to modify as it blends inconvenient fact with convenient fiction with remorse limited to regretting the act of “grabbing her arm”. The “symptom” is not the “cause” and SF doesn’t need public servants with severe anger management and spousal abuse issues. If he truly regrets his actions and cares about his family, he’d be best advised to eschew political office and seek professional help at controlling his anger and abusive actions before he commits an irreversible act that he truly regrets for a lifetime.

KPFA would have done Ross Mirkarimi, his family, and its listeners a much greater service, if they had brought Social Service and Psychiatric authorities on Family Abuse into the discussion. Instead you merely provided a sounding board for an individual using persecution to mask denial.

A sad day indeed, when professed political affiliation replaces harmful personal actions as the essential issue. For shame KPFA, better is expected of you. Thankfully, the judge had the common sense to protect mother and child. - John

This fascinating and

This fascinating and heartbreaking Mirkarimi story makes me wonder if alcohol fueled the arguments.

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