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The KPFA Evening News (Weekend) - June 2, 2012 at 6:00pm

The KPFA Evening News (Weekend), for June 2, 2012 - 6:00pm

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Under the "No Fear Act" that

Under the "No Fear Act" that is actually posted and can be seen on the BLM official website, there should be no reason for anyone to have concern that their name or information be made public under any circumstances. I am posting this because I firmly believe that my comments will not be harmful, but helpful to all concerned. There is no reason for any persons who are not government employees of the Bureau of Land Management to have to be concerned about their privacy; this is guaranteed under the No Fear Act, whether it be by implication or action, no persons should be threatened by the release of their public information when they request privacy during any discussions or interactions with the government that binds this great nation together as one people. We protect each other; and privacy and safety comes first. In economics, security is the most important even above the basic needs of life; if you can not be secure, eating will not matter nor will the place that you live. Any government employee who is interacting with their office of government should be happy that the public has become active participants with their office so that the concerns of people can be addressed and the experts, professionals, and those who can give pertinent information pertaining to any meeting, correspondence or interaction with their government employee representative so that government employee representative can present the expert, professional, and pertinent facts from individuals who can give professionally observe, assess, or gather data pertaining to the particular subject of helicopter roundups or flora and fauna as pertains to any public lands, to their agency in order to provide explicit information that the public desires be a part of their invested interested in the governing operations of the government as pertains to the tax payers desire to help this nation become efficient, more pro-active, and economically sound when this information is respectfully submitted as to the operations and methods of the American people's government and the offices that pertain to the Bureau of Land management; particularly the hiring of civilian contractors and their past abuses, harm and brought upon any wild horse, foal, burro or baby burro, by hitting, touching, far too great distances being made in one galloping gate by the horses, foals, burros, and baby burros. No horse, of any breed, can be expected to gallop at those rates of speed and that length over hard rocky or even even pastured plain for that length of time, and certainly foals and burros and baby burros can not endure this abuse. These helicopters first bring on the fight or flight intuition in any horse, and in a wild horse, foal or burro or baby burro, it brings on terror which increases the rate of fear and the horses and burros become dangerously unhealthy in body and in their mind; i.e. their reactions. The foal and baby burro suffer even greater terror because they depend on their mares to protect them; they can not keep up with a galloping full grown mare or stallion and fall behind which heightens their stress and fear levels to a most unhealthy level endangering the foals and baby burros life. The actual documented cases of helicopter abuses can not be denied any further if you are to make this office work to the highest level of proficiency available for the care of the wild horses, foals, burros and baby burros. The Secretary of Interior does know of these cases, and if he doesn't, then someone in the office of the Bureau of Land Management should inform him so that arrests can be made of the persons who operate these helicopters, trucks, equipment and temporary holding pens where the horses, foals, burros, and baby burros are kept for hours while still terrorized by the small holding pens and the activity that normally happens during close contact with another band stallion, lead mare, and their foals and also which pertains to the burros and their young. None of these things have been taken into consideration while the helicopter runs down a horse or a foal; they are hit by the helicopter blades, they are run to exhaustion, and are so wound up by fear that it can cause more harm to the people working with them by using such conduct as to terrorize, harm, abuse, hit, knock down, cut with the blades of the helicopter, and yes even eventually kill the horse as it's system weakens and can not survive the exhausting miles and miles of galloping, terror, abuse, hits, and fear that the body of these animals endure while under the governance of the helicopter that forces them into a dangerous state of reaction to themselves, the other horses and burros, and the people working with them. The actual handling of these horses, foals, burros, and baby burros show that there needs to be some training involved on all fronts. Once you get that terrified horse, foal, burro or baby burro into a small area and try to force load it onto a truck that is too small to carry the number of horses that you are transporting or the height of the truck is too low for the horses, this further intensifies their stress as they are put together in an unnatural state. The horse herds, bands of families, do not ever get that close together in the wild. And to force them to gallop together, to force them into an area too small for numerous band herds is abusive. The helicopter operator should be trained on this; but I fear that the bounty on the head of each horse that is gathered is too high for any of these workers to work proficiently, and with the health and well being of the wild horses, foals, burros, and baby burros in mind. Each head count is a dollar number to that group of people who are being paid to "remove" the horses from their natural home. We haven't even covered the fact that these horse do not have a right to migrate to better pasture grazing lands or watering places because they have been designated to live out only in one spot without water or grazing due to the better pastures and watering places being taken by the cattlemen as reported in GAO-11-228 June 22, 2011; which did not improve in the latest GAO report and the recommendations were ignored; there were cattlemen who falsified documents filed for claims of horses destroying property, but the cattlemen moved their cattle on the property the very next day. The GAO Officer reported this but, under Secretary Ken Salazar, no action for falsifying federal documents were ever taken. I respectfully hope that this office can work with the American people. We do have the heart and the dedication to want to have the public lands and the wild life taken care of and it is paid for by our tax dollars, which also includes any government contract with independent contractors which also is paid for by our tax dollars. Thank you.

The FACTS Part 2: No it is

The FACTS Part 2:

No it is not on all BLM documents. Let me point out something.

Last year Nevada BLM's protocol to accept comments was different. For example their helicopter hearing press release from 2011 reads:

This year Nevada BLM's protocol to accept comments appears to infringe on privacy rights. It says the BLM will NOT safeguard personal identifying information (PII)--even when the respondent requests the PII be withheld from public view:

Nevada BLM does not appear to want to adequately notify the public about "public" hearings nor encourage written comments due to the oppressive nature of their comment guidelines.

One can only ask, "Why does Nevada BLM want to jeopardize the public process, free speech and privacy rights? and "Will Nevada BLM take a new direction--hold a truly 'public' hearing on helicopter use with 30 days notice so the public may attend and give oral comments?"

The FACTS are that the

The FACTS are that the northern California BLM helicopter hearing was originally scheduled for June 5th 2012, but after negotiations with Protect Mustangs, Nancy Haug ( District Manager for northern California BLM) has agreed to postpone the hearing to a future date in order to give the public 30 days notice. We applaud her actions. California BLM showed good faith towards transparency when we voiced our concerns but BLM Nevada is ignoring requests for transparent public process. The outrageous FACT that the BLM is requiring PII that they will not safeguard if the commenter requests it be withheld is suppressing free speech. You can read about it in the following press release: Thank you for your comment. Kerry Becklund, Outreach Director for Protect Mustangs

Wild Horses Asking for your

Wild Horses
Asking for your personal information and the caveat that it may not be confidential is on ALL documents allowing comment by the BLM. A hearing on helicopter use is done in every jurisdiction that may have a roundup. For example on occurred less than 60 days ago by the BLM in Northern CA. Yes, this issue is important but it is also important to be accurate and appropriate in addressing issues.

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