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Guns and Butter - June 6, 2012 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for June 6, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"The World Mobilizes Against the Bankers: Wisconsin Recall, Syriza Party in Greece, Michele Ruggiero in Italy" with Webster Griffin Tarpley. The Bilderberger meeting in Virginia and what came out of it; the importance of the mass movement in Wisconsin; Alexis Tsipras of the Syriza Party in Greece and the economic situation there; and Italian prosecutor Michele Ruggiero of Italy who has brought indictments against the ratings agencies for manipulation of the financial market in Italian sovereign and bank debt.

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What really torqued me off in

What really torqued me off in the course of this conversation was Tarpley's repeated use of "anarchist" as a Bad Word.. you can discern from his tone/context that we're all supposed to cringe with seething animosity-- as he apparently does-- at the very thought of such people. Newsflash for Webster T.: the KPFA audience has a more erudite grasp of this term in historical politics, and grasps that when a valid party involved with electoral politics calls itself this, surely it refers to the academic definition which is synonymous with ANARCHO-SYNDICALISM.. a far cry from a definition of Anarchism which the dumbed-down MSM and Tarpley both utilise: belief in nothing but senseless property destruction or whatever they think it means. I actually had this more subtle/meaningful definition of the word introduced to me over 94.1FM from out the mind of the venerable Larry Bensky, back in the day. The only similarity is the belief that a massive bureaucratic state is not the answer.. but we syndicalists wish to replace it with union-centric organization patterns, whereby each sector of the economy is represented, in the balancing of power arrangements, by the duly-elected trade union leadership of each particular trade. I'm not the best at explaining this, so read up, please.
It's quite disappointing to hear Tarpley's few confusing/flawed concepts again and again, because he's so right on about so very many things-- among them the fishy origins of Occupy.. I recently heard some radio interview (NPR maybe?) with one of the Adbuster guys credited with sowing the seeds of OWS. Asked about electoral politics, he gave the sure-of-himself that he doesn't vote, and that people shouldn't vote. Oh, great.. like there's no need to use that form of expression to cast a protest vote, or like there aren't worthy parties working their butts off to put an end to the insidious megacorporate duopoly continuing its vile stranglehold on political discussion?? Kudos for Mr. Tarpley for mentioning the Green Party in a positive light-- always love to hear that. Words that are nearly as censored in the MSM as phrases such as "single payer".. or the group of doctors who traveled to DC to testify in Congressional hearings but were shut out, Obama's backroom dealings with Big Pharma and Insurance execs being predictably jammed down our throats instead. The only way we're going to save money is well understood by intelligent docs:

I really hope Tarpley reads this space, which is a great place to mull over the many things he had to say during this hour. No apparent comments/mesasgeboard section on his website.. anyone know where else people might be discussing things Tarpley? One aspect of his site is notable: his Pacifica appearances (solely comprised of Guns & Butter appearances, I presume?) never get offered on his site, which mainly consists of a log of various media appearances.. he thankfully provides us with the clip of the Alex Jones Show he was on, for example, so that we don't have to scan through an entire 3-hour AJS episode to find out what Tarpley had to say. But is he keeping mention of KPFA out of the picture to placate rightwingers visiting his site, with their potential buying power as re his books that're advertised all down the side of the page? Have to admit, though, it's pretty great when he can slip in some essentially socialist logic into an exchange with Jones whereby Alex is essentially agreeing but doesn't realize what's happening.

minute 39:
"This is how anarchist wreckers have acted since time immemorial." Oh, caveman historical analyses now? Just hyperbole. Quit alienating us syndicalist academics, Mr. Tarpley.

And while I'm indexing this soundfile a bit:

minute 46: addresses his idea that OWS hasn't done squat, essentially, in comparison with the Tea Party due to "all of tehse fakers, these anarchist lunatics that had taken over OWS and some other things.."
(The previous minute, however, contained a cogent analysis of what direction European politics needed to take.. too bad too few Greeks, apparently, are listening to KPFA or Syriza might not've lost today.)

Tarpley considers Berkeley

Tarpley considers Berkeley style leftist thought as deeply heretical and unserious at best and secretly in league with oligarchs at worst. He lacks a lot of credibility in my eyes since he has been making hysterical statements of collapse for some time based on nothing. His facts are often way off because he jumps to conclusions by imposing his peculiar ideology on events. He never admits he's wrong--and he often is. Having said that he has offered great insights into 9/11, Libya, and the danger of Obama (though he has overblown Obama and those around them into a caricature) citing the toxic nature of his rule and those around him. I take what he says, along with many other opposition figures who coalesce around Alex Jones and RT. He and his colleagues offer alternative views even if they are only partially credible. I credit him with taking a look at geopolitics from a classical perspective, i.e., he is informed by history and the classical political theorists who saw the world as it was.

Good points -- great to see

Good points -- great to see some folk are reading back here on this archive page, btw. Yes, I too have enjoyed the fact that he's so well-read, and indeed rather encyclopedic with his grasp of knowledge-- the term "economic historian" is pretty refreshing to hear in today's atmosphere.
Our little discussion here deserves a wide audience, as does Bonnie's show. I've not got too active in the social media scene yet (will NOT touch Fbook, ever!) but have taken out the account (others were taken) so maybe someday soon I'll decide what to do with it and start tweeting.. for now just following highly selective twitterers.. feel free to tweet me.. PEACE!

For some reason, today's show

For some reason, today's show (June 13th) is not showing up in the G&B archives, nor is it listed in the main archives (it jumps from Against the grain at 12:00 straight to Bay Native Circle at 2:00). However, the show DID get recorded and you can download the mp3 here:

Hopefully this is just a glitch.

great show, Tarpley is a

great show, Tarpley is a intellectual dynamo

If occupy was started by

If occupy was started by anarchists & also some police officers Are u saying anarchists are police officers??? Strahl, I won't waste my time disproving all of ur points on Tarpley but for those of us who know his work it's obvious uv pitched well wide of the stop.
Have a nice life :)

following up on tarpley's

following up on tarpley's wonderful analysis, and the bankruptcy of the obama (o-bummer!) presidency, I nominate Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolf for president and vice president- they would kick-ass, take no .. we've seen Wolf on the Occupy stage already- anybody up for this?

If you visit the World

If you visit the World Socialist Website, you'll find an article posted today, 6/6/12, which discloses the awful truth about SYRIZA and its leader Tsipras. Their platform is actually quite right wing, Tsipras admires Obama.
And Tarpley lied about both anarchists and situationists, who are not the same. See Bureau of Public Secrets for some actual history. How could anarchists "hijack" Occupy when they started it?

The truth about the SYRIZA

The truth about the SYRIZA party and its leader Tsipras can be read at
SYRIZA Leader Tsiprias Lays Out Right-Wing Policies for Greek Crisis, Alex Lantier.

It's quite astonishing and disgusting that Webster Tarpley is pushing these creeps as if they are "progressives." Tarpley also lied shamelessly about both anarchists and situationists, who are not the same thing. See Bureau of Public Secrets for some actual history of the situationists. Occupy was started by anarchists, so the idea that they "hijacked" it is beyond ludicrous.

The real content of SYRIZA is

The real content of SYRIZA is discussed here,
SYRIZA Leader Tsiprias Lays Out Right-Wing Policies for Greek Crisis, Alex Lantier.

The climax of the program was his presentation of SYRIZA and especially of Tsipras as the best thing since sliced bread, "highly inspiring." This absolutely sick and dangerous political force was portrayed as the best hope of humanity to counter the crisis and as what all "progressives" should support.
Tsipras was contrasted to Occupy, which Tarpley asserted has done nothing, supposedly because it has been "hijacked" by anarchists, including the "situationists" such as Ad Busters. Never mind that Occupy Wall Street got started by anarchists!! He claimed that anarchists in general were the creation of intelligence agencies, in particular the situationists, who were supposedly created by NATO in the late '50s to subvert the DeGaul regime in France. Tarpley is a big fat moron/liar. He knows nothing (or is lying) about anarchists, the situationists and their relation to anarchists. For some real HISTORY, check out
He kept on attacking "puerile anarchists" throughout the show, contrasting the Occupy movement they "hijacked" to the Tea Party, which elected several senators and a bunch of representatives, thus gaining "a share of power," as if positions in the state apparatus actually correspond to real social power. Like Tsiprias, Tarpley has no objections to capitalism. The bankruptcy of his politics is discussed in an article by "Jack Straw" from two years ago,
He furthermore applauded Tsipras's outreach to his French "left" equivalent, who supported Francois Hollande for president in the recent elections, the same Hollande who took less than a week to renege on all his promises. Tarpley also congratulated the movement in Wisconsin for focusing on the Recall Walker campaign, a total diversionary disaster (see below), and commended some small town Italian prosecutor for indicting S&P for "dishonest" analyses of the state of Italy's fiscal situation. Yep, this is what's needed, control of rating agencies by the governments they rate, guaranteed to shred what little credibility these agencies have. Orwell could not have dreamed of a better script.
If i were operating by Tarpley's system, i'd speculate whom he really works for, given what absolutely bankrupt and downright dangerous politics he is promoting. The reality may actually be even worse: he's probably a deluded moron who thinks that programs like the ones SYRIZA promotes will create an opportunity for his own self-advancement, working as an adviser to such a government. He noted with self-satisfaction how that Italian prosecutor mentioned him as a possible aide for his planned effort. What's even worse than the crap Tarpley spews is the fact that some people who seem honest, such as program host Bonnie Faulkner, are willing to buy it hook, line and sinker.

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