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Behind the News with Doug Henwood - June 9, 2012 at 10:00am

Behind the News with Doug Henwood, for June 9, 2012 - 10:00am

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Great show because it caught

Great show because it caught the tenor of the NPR/Mainstream "liberal" press view of things very well and sympathetically. I'm familiar with the sort of people Davidson represent and how they've managed to internalize their "objectivity" to believing that they are, indeed, unbiased. Of course they are not unbiased and they don't appear to be widely enough read to understand how untenable their position is from a rational POV. The fact is, as social science can attest, that we are largely guided by unconscious motivations particularly in a country that so acts as if one hundred years of social science research never happened and they take ideas like "the credit system is good for the poor" uncritically when there is no evidence at all except: a) we live in the best of all possible worlds (note how he ignored and will always ignore other systems that work far better than our own); and b) continuing as we have will just make the story of America better. Fundamentally that is what the NPR position and it is not a neutral position--they strongly advocate a hyper-conservative position by both excluding the plenitude of fascinating ideas both on the right and the left and radically misunderstanding Marx without which you cannot understand capitalism--"Marxism" btw is not an economic system but a method of analyzing the political economy--this seems to have not entered into the heads of any people who populate mainstream commentary which to someone who has had a good general education, is astonishing and it is no wonder that they don't ever feature any Marxist analysis except from people who will make a Marxist analysis and then claim they are not Marxists. In short, these people are hacks--not because they want to be whores but because they are picked for their positions precisely because they do not possess any analytical ability and are able to mimic the attitudes and conventions of their guild--this, btw, is picked up at social gatherings of these people almost unconsciously--I've been to those gatherings, btw, and know exactly how opinions and conformity are enforced.

Very nice show. I thought

Very nice show. I thought you very nicely and cleanly took down the free markets cause prosperity story.
I did think you conceded a bit more than warranted to the NPR/NY Times claim of neutrality in matters of political-economy.
Since we live in the U.S., as I understand it, we also presume the first amendment guarantee of press freedom. And that guarantee, even conceded by flaming radicals like former Supreme Court Justice Sandra O'Connor, is based on the presumption that we are to assume those in power, at least those in government office, are, in substance, (although not in words she might use) self-serving liars -- the press thereby serving as the "check" on government.
So, approaching our oligarches and their agents as if they are as likely to be telling the truth as any other source really amounts to defaulting on the job the public, unfortunately to their great detriment, presumes the press is performing.
I think you were moving in this direction when you noted the audiences of these media likely would be receptive to more critical fare than they actually provide, but it would be nice to have had it spelled out.
Good luck in continuing your engaging program.

The new program filling this

The new program filling this time slot will be "Don't you dare follow the $$$" with future fox managers Smarlene Dinglehard and Racy Hosenberg

reading thru so many blogs/?

reading thru so many blogs/? and realizing people are having a difficult time differentiating, I'd like to clarify the snark/sarchasism as this was in response to the CONs at "Pathetica" (duh Pacifica) changing the time slot,who are selling us out, who should be investigated as they show time and time again they have no integrity nor any honor. Most of the time this is such an important, informative and insightful program. Peace and many Blessings !

Great show! NPR is sooooo

Great show! NPR is sooooo never going to play that interview.

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