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Guns and Butter - June 13, 2012 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for June 13, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"US NATO Humanitarian Intervention In Syria: Toward A Regional War?" with Michel Chossudovsky. What the destabilization of Syria is really about; the Responsibility To Protect (R2P); the rebels, who they are, who supports and trains them and where; the Free Syrian Army; the role of the United Nations; the Islamization of the Middle East as an intelligence operation; the role of Israel; the effect of sanctions; media disinformation.

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Syria: Christians fleeing to

Syria: Christians fleeing to government areas from Sunni Islamic terrorist networks #Syria #Christians #Terrorism
[not fleeing to the insurgents!]

This "Strahl" entity is quite

This "Strahl" entity is quite obviously a spin operation to sow confusion on these messageboards. Internally inconsistent, yet flinging complex-ish concepts all over the place. Ugly thinktank Product-- safely ignore it entirely.

Always love the Chossudovsky-- great work as usual, Bonnie!

Also worth noting: the show Michel used to host on the Progressive Radio Network (the project Dr. Gary Null started when he was temporarily booted off WBAI) has been carried on capably and is worth checking out:
.. also noticing on their line-up of shows, the arrival of GoHarrison, of fame.. might be checking that out here real soon myself.. also listed, the Project Censored show! So when kpfa's new-release music parade gets too mind-numbing, there you go, for some intellectual content..

ps. falling behind on my interwebs ranting, I just now have posted my thoughts on last week's appearance by Tarpley and the comments which followed. Here:

Yes many left wing sites and

Yes many left wing sites and the Jeffs of the world have taken to a 'yes to the people no to the state', as they are hopelessly confused about events in those states. Most syrians support their govt and dont want false friends like Jeff to oppose their will and cause their country to become like Afghanistan or somalia

Michel Chossudovsky did his

Michel Chossudovsky did his usual (see his website) and portrayed events in Syria as pretty much exclusively the result of US/NATO machinations and atrocities by US-armed mostly-non-Syrian militants. It was a mere mirror reflection of official US propaganda, which is indeed trying to prepare the US public for military intervention. In a full hour, neither Chossudovsky nor Faulkner ever brought up the fact that the Syrian national police conducted torture for the Pentagon/CIA upon prisoners rendered by them to Syria, nor that the Assad regime acted on behalf of overall US interests in occupying Lebanon for 30 years starting in 1975, or that it directly participated in the US-organized "coalition of the willing" in attacking Iraq in 1991 over the occupation of Kuwait. Chossudovsky dismissed all opposition to the Assad regime by stating that there is opposition to the government in every country, and briefly stating that there is a sectarian issue with the Alawite sect dominating the government. He failed to mention that this sect is but 10% of the population, that the Assad regime began ruling Syria in 1962, i.e. one family has been in power for 50 years, and that amongst other things this regime massacred 20,000 people in the city of Hama in 1982.
Chossudovsky mentioned an article in a leading German paper, which is discussed in an article on WSWS today, claiming that opposition militias carried out the Houla massacre of over 100 a few weeks ago. This is based upon interviews with three unnamed opposition members who claimed to have investigated the event and to have verified the government accounts. This may be true, but how do we know? It may well be as false as US propaganda claims. One thing i know: it's easy to fake accounts of unnamed investigators. But it is hard to fake videos of neighborhoods in urban centers being shelled, or of large demonstrations being hit by artillery fire. Atrocities are going on by both sides
For a more objective analysis, check out (later on it will be at an interview with Syrian-American Dr Helen Hagopian, about half-way through the program.
This treatment of a repressive military/police state as if it was pretty much without culpability smacks of Orwellian newspeak, as yesterday's rapacious dictatorship suddenly becomes today's paragon of virtue because it is now on the (right/wrong) side of international rival imperialist camps. Those who tell you that anyone who criticizes the Chossudovsky perspective is enabling US/NATO intervention are doing the same thing as US leftists such as Ernest Hemingway did when they attacked George Orwell for what he wrote in Homage to Catalonia about what the Soviet-backed regime did to the anarchists and Trotskyists in Catalonia in May 1937, claiming that he was helping the Nazi/Fascist forces by doing so.
And no, i totally oppose US/NATO intervention. Whereas Chossudovsky and his camp see what's going on as a reason to cheer on the Russia/China camp, which he promotes as an "alternative" force which could build a new, prosperous, peaceful CAPITALIST world order, i see it as one more bit of evidence as to why the system EVERYWHERE needs to be eliminated, pushed aside, before it kills us all as well as the planet.

Syrians support their army

Syrians support their army and their government:
The Strahl Effect s the last thing syrians need or want.

christians stand by president
Mother Anges knows more about

Mother Anges knows more about syria and the insurgency than jeff ever will
Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross

so whats your agenda, jeff?

so whats your agenda, jeff? the syrian people dont support your view...they supprt their govt AND army:

Mother Anges knows more about syria and the insurgency than jeff ever will
Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross
The media announces to us with a lot of bravura that in the ashes of the dying Arab world a son has been born whose name is Revolution. With America as his midwife, the United Nations and the Arab League his godmothers, presided by France and England, the newborn has been declared a legitimate child by the international community. His father is Arab anti-nationalism, and his mother is liberty. To be acknowledged as legitimate he had witnesses in his princely cousins in the Persian Gulf and Qatar. The kindhearted international community engages in protecting this newborn against all evil, even at the cost of an intervention or bombing which will always be strictly humanitarian.

Mother Agnès-Mariam de la Croix
and the monastic community of the Unity of Antioch, Qara – Syria
Mother Agnes Mariam’s voice is heard in this interview on an Irish radio station. It was recorded after the Houla massacre. Mother Mariam lives in a community near Homs, and she has been very active in mediating between the government and opposition. However, she presents a very bleak picture of the current chaos.

Jeff is one of those against-ASSAD-and-against-NATO which in practice turns out to be for NATO and the destruction of a state. How pathetic...The syrian people dont want or need the likes of jeff strahl

That some "can't see the

That some "can't see the forest for the trees" certainly comes to mind when considering Jeff's ad hominum attacks on Bonnie and Prof. Chossudovsky. Chossudovsky, along with the many contributors to make abundantly clear that this is not about Syria.(Say no to the US Nato World Order- Stop Nato) Chossudovsky's closing statement once again articulates the basic premise that Russia/China, via war on Iran, are the targets. The road to war with Iran clearly runs through Damascus. Anything else is simply a distraction from the fundamental issues, which are several, and articulated very well throughout this program. This is not about Assad. It is about global hegemony vs. a multipolar world. Chossudovsky's reference to the threat posed by the SCO is very, very relevant. Bonnie has provided the best media coverage of SCO events and significance that I am aware of.
Jumping to conclusions that the presentaion of facts equates with cheering "on the Russia/China camp" is simply unfounded, and absurd.
Finally your assertion that "the system EVERYWHERE needs to be eliminated" is correct however clouded by biased nonsence znd inability to exercise critical thinking.

I would suggest an intense study of the theory of permanent revolution as brilliantly presented by Leon Trotsky. Much can be found by visiting the WSWS website.

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