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Flashpoints - June 19, 2012 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for June 19, 2012 - 5:00pm

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Noblesse Oblige: "the moral

Noblesse Oblige:

"the moral obligation of those of high birth, powerful social position, etc., to act with honor, kindliness, generosity, etc....Origin: 1830–40; < French: literally, nobility obliges"

Noblesse Oblige has been put to a slow death since the Reagan revolution, and even in the last two years of the Carter term, we got nascent Reaganomics.

Not even the meager Warren Buffet reform could make it through the senate. The wealthy paying their fair share and then some, is dead, r.i.p., in us of a. The fine people's economist Rick Wolff informs us of the hope of the left on the rise in France and Greece. However, in America even the wealthy paying there fair share and nobly giving even more, has been erased from the memory and minds of even most working and middle class in usa. Heaven help us: the 99%. The Jaimie Diamond elite scum of the earth are like Goya's painting "Saturn eating its own children".

"One reason—perhaps the chief—of the virility of the Roosevelts is [their] very democratic spirit. They have never felt that because they were born in a good position they could put their hands in their pockets and succeed. They have felt, rather, that being born in a good position, there is no excuse for them if they did not do their duty by the community."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt"

Dr.Wolff is right and so are the new French "Socialist" wins in France base their platform on FDR's New Deal. Since the elite in this country are such pigs, with a few exceptions, We the people are going to have to force the issue. And that issue is reversing this trend of pushing us back towards the 19th century living standards, but our very existence as poor, vulnerable and the working majority. Never look for political leadership inside the wall street/military/government "complex". Obama lied to us all in his campaign.

We must go outside the monopoly party system. At the same time we must still vote while trying to change the electoral system. I am voting for Rocky Anderson of the Justice party. I am not throwing my vote away because Romney is equally full of bs in his campaign with all these hard line domestic and international policies he would impose. He would probably be no different or even a tad easier on we the people than slick Obama, but probably not.

Since all the common 99% who have guns are mislead to follow the right, I see very little hope in revolution on the streets. I hope I am wrong, and I wish that some real neo new dealers, 99% OWS, etc people would help this disabled guy(me)to join in the protests.

dahszil, male, rust belt town, n.e. us of a

What a truly bizarre opinion

What a truly bizarre opinion by the commenter above.

It pains me plenty to see

It pains me plenty to see progressive radio champion the likes of Julian Assange who was convicted of hacking into bank and university records in Australia and didn't do a lick of time...
At the point where I couldn't listen anymore the speaker was describing the "embarrassment" to the Ecuadorian government which is all that any of the Wiki leaks has ever accomplished except to entrap a young soldier who thought he was doing the right thing but will be tried for treason under the law which carries a possible death sentence - one that has been meted out in the past.
Wikileaks is a CIA operation, this whole sex scandal (dirty business, why the hell is everyone cheering for him?) is just lurid distraction for an amused-to-death population in the absence of anymore "embarrassing" information he is supposedly "fighting the good fight" to reveal.

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