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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari - July 8, 2012 at 9:00am

The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari, for July 8, 2012 - 9:00am

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The planes could not have

The planes could not have knocked down the two main towers, let alone the third hi-rise which wasn't even hit by a plane, so the question of who flew the planes is actually fairly irrelevant, though the official account is bogus even on this count, e.g. "hijackers" which have turned up alive.

For the record...asked if

For the record...asked if 'Islamophobia' author and professor of
media studies Deepa Kumar could comment on the possibility of an
inside job on '9-11', she conceded "Maybe it is" before we were told
that to question state Islamic demolition theory which Philip
introduced as gospel was 'off topic' ...(I had explained I didn't mean
just support for 'evildoers' like our agent Usama who my stunt double
Gaddafi was the first to put on the Interpol wanted list, but the
impossibility of foreigners being behind NORAD stand downs and
controlled demolitions, or 2 planes knocking down 3 buildings)
talk or write about attacks on Islam while fueling it by foisting this
impossible hijacker myth on us is 'evildoing' at its best.

The comment that the

The comment that the hijackers couldn't have pulled off flying the planes into the towers because they were brown "A-rabs" is ludicrous. What's racist is the conjecture that, of course the Muslims would fly those planes into the towers because they "hate our freedom." The host kept sidetracking the "truthers" who called in, claiming it was "off topic," missing the point about how the empire used Islamophobia to pull the whole thing off. Several of the so-called hijackers have been reported to be alive and well in the Middle East. The bogus claim that an intact passport of one of the hijackers was found on top of the massive rubble is suspect enough to warrant investigation. That 19 hijackers, a couple of whom purportedly couldn't even fly a Cessna well when they took flying lessons, has no bearing on their ethnicity, but simply the fact that these men did not have the capability to fly a small plane, much less a jet airliner into the towers and the Pentagon. The Pentagon is the most guarded building in the world, yet these amateur pilots were able to penetrate all its security. Riiiiight...

The evasion regarding the

The evasion regarding the real story of 9/11 on the part of both host Maldari and guest Deepa Kumar was sad, though predictable. But the phoned-in comment by Abu from Madison was truly awful. Abu resorted to the "racism" card, as if the main contention of those questioning the official story is that Arabs/Muslims were incapable of what was done that day. No, the contention is that NO ONE, of any race, creed, national origin,... was capable of doing what the official story contends happened, including the downing of THREE hi-rises with two jetliners. The official story regarding what happened to the three WTC hi-rises blatantly violates numerous laws of physics, would have required a bunch of miracles to have been borne out.
See Do read the kind of material that the likes of Abu would rather remain unknown.

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