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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari - July 15, 2012 at 9:00am

The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari, for July 15, 2012 - 9:00am

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Philip and Recce miss the

Philip and Recce miss the most important point - the national sovereignty of Syria. No country or gang of countries has the right to overthrow another.

The United States Government, Britain, NATO, Israel and their Persian Gulf minions are the problem. They don't like Syria and didn't like Libya under Gaddafi. We need to understand that any country that defies the will of the imperialists is targeted for regime change. You miss the big picture if you try to silo the discussion into one country at a time. This or that leader is a bad person or committed some human rights violations. Good grief, the United States is the biggest human rights violator with its “stop and frisk”, mass incarceration, summary executions of African-Americans and others by police, etc. This is childish. There is a global agenda being executed before our eyes. The US is menacing, bullying, threatening, sanctioning and attacking many nations for various reasons, but mostly for economic resources. There was the repulsive spectacle of Hillary Clinton belly laughing at the murder of Gaddafi and there is Susan Rice being observed hissing in the UN Corridors. Then we have President Obama's unrestrained use of drone attacks that are killing many innocent civilians. The ongoing wars taken together with the United States' almost psychopathic and extremely belligerent behavior must make the entire world terrified of it. Syria is under military attack by US and NATO proxy forces. And we know that Iran is next to have its regime changed by “any means necessary” - translation – destabilization up-to and including military force.

Prof. Noam Chomsky reminds us, “that the US would have been attacked long ago were it not for our huge nuclear arsenal.” This all begs the question – Why are we are not seeing President Obama deescalate and reassure the world that the United States is not some armed to-the-teeth, including nuclear weapons, “Borg Monster” with an insatiable appetite for natural resources that is completely out of control? Without deescalation, we will all find out that resistance in not futile, but inevitable and the result may be mutually assured destruction.

So, the question is, does anyone believe your guest? This is where the left-liberals fall down. The US Government is destabilizing from the local level right up to the international level. Example: a city like Oakland is destabilized by drugs and illegal guns pumped in and jobs taken out. Why can't Apple make Ipads/Iphones in Oakland? Or as Oakland Officials asked after the largest medical cannabis club was invaded by the US Justice Department. “Why can't they (US Justice Dept) go after the illegal guns”? Oakland doesn't have one gun store - not one, but it's flooded in illegal weapons.

I could go on, but this the kind of discussion (US Propaganda) that discredits Democracy Now, MSNBC and KPFA. Please, if you don't have to do this - then don't!

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