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Up Front - Green Illusions, Postal Crisis, The Central Park 5 - July 20, 2012 at 7:00am

Up Front, for July 20, 2012 - 7:00am

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Up Front - Green Illusions, Postal Crisis, The Central Park 5

When is "green" technology a bad thing? Ozzie Zehner joins us to discuss his new book, Green Illusions. Plus: Sonali Kolhatkar interviews author Sarah Burns about book on one of the most racially-charged prosecutions in recent US history -- that of five black teenagers accused of raping a jogger in Central park. Then: The Post Office in crisis. A private real estate brokerage is poised to sell off historic postal buildings across the country, including the iconic main post office in downtown Berkeley. Historical Geographer Grey Brechin joins us in studio to look at the past, present, and future of the Postal Service.

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Why do you guys always talk

Why do you guys always talk like EV’s, Solar, wind is some kind of theory and not available until some time in the future? Like it doesn’t really work?
Where did you get this idiot?
You have never had any guest who actually has an EV or solar or wind
If you call any solar salesman with any solar company when they meet with you,
One of the first questions they ask is what have you done to conserve energy?
USE LESS energy. If you don’t use it you don’t have to make it. Or buy it
Use 20% to 40% less you, need a 20 – 40% less system size. Cost you the customer less.
All new construction in California if you want rebate for solar you have to meet house effiency requirements.
Solar is not expensive look at your own electric bill if monthly bill is $200 a month for utility power you will pay $150 a month for a solar system, but only for 10 years (10year loan) for the next 20 years you pay nothing for power. For total of 30 years you are paying $40 a month for power and it never increases.
You on the other hand, buying utility electricity. Again look at your monthly bill (do you ever look at)
Every 5 -6 years you will pay double what you pay now. While you pay 7 percent more a year, I get a 17% return on my investment on my own solar electricity generating system every year.

Solar panel only 14% efficient energy direct from the sun. OK how efficient is coal/Oil?
Burn in power plant 20% efficient? Then energy to haul, mine, then how much sunlight took to make vegetation,
Then settle in the earth till became coal/oil? probably .0000000000000006% efficient.

If you go to these are people that are at the forefront of EV’s, not the car companies,
These guys are 10 years ahead of the car companies.
You will find one of their first statements is on using less energy, walking is best then bicycling, then driving less, then Electric cars,
How the fuck does it take more energy to build an electric car than a gas car?
Say 3,000 pound car. Gas car 400 pound ICE engine. EV 400 pound battery. 2,600 pound steel, aluminum, plastic, other materials the same.
I don’t see where it takes more energy to build a car than it uses in energy to drive it.
This guy is high. It takes 2,068,473 Kwh of electricity to build a car ? NO WAY.
To drive a gasser 40 miles a day. for 15 years
You use 62,681 gallons of gas or 2,068,473 Kwh of electricity equivalent. (1 galloon gas equals 33 kwh)
Drive an EV 15 years it takes 495,178 Kwh of electricity equivalent of 15,005 gallons of gas
You use 4 times LESS the energy to drive an EV. Than a gasser.
Using 4 times less energy is no good?
And conserves your money.
Drive a gasser 15 years gas cost $52,625. Drive EV, 15 years $5,618 1/10th the cost and this includes paying for a solar system zero emissions driving and producing electricity.
Solar system to manufacture pollutes more than coal/natural gas it replaces?

Solar 2Kw system 12 panels at 20 pounds each is 240 pounds the glass weighs more than the PV cells
So say 40 pounds in PV cells takes more mining, produces more toxic pollutants in manufacturing
Than the coal/oil mining generating from a coal/natural gas power plant?
So what is the pollution from 40 pounds or rare minerals in the panels?

for 30 years of solar electricity generation 2 Kw system produces 109,500 Kwh in 30 years
how much coal/natural gas is that? How much pollution from production, mining, transportation.
Seems like guy counts mining, production of panels, but not mining production of coal/natural gas.

A wind generator has almost no rare toxic materials,
To manufacture 2Kw wind generator produces more pollution than coal plant ?
just a rough guess of 200,000 Kwh in 30 years, the pollution in production, mining for a 100 pound generator,
is more than the pollution than 200,000 Kwh of fossil fuel generation?
It does not take more than 200,000 Kwh to produce a wind generator.

We’ve used all the wind available NO way, better go the American wind generation association or dept of energy and look at the huge amounts of wind energy available they have maps.

It will cost more to invest in solar EV’s wind, than to rebuild all the cities in the US?
To live in walkable neighborhoods.
Building skyscrapers is cheaper?
Like cost lots to go solar wind EV but cost nothing to abandon your home and move to the city?
You have in cost loss of price of your home cost to buy apartment in skyscraper.
If we all move to city won’t get much for house in suburb.
my experience in alternative energy
Solar, design sales 6 years
EV production, design 2 years
Drive EV 6 years
Solar system 7 years

I was in NYC when the

I was in NYC when the "wilding" case occurred and remember how it was in the headlines for days. I never knew they were innocent until today. All the topics on today's show were engrossing. Good work!

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