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Fund Drive Special - Integrated Quantum Meditation - July 25, 2012 at 1:00pm

KPFA Special Broadcast, for July 25, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Fund Drive Special - Integrated Quantum Meditation

Interview with Master Meditation Teacher, George Quant.

With host Bonnie Faulkner.

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Wow, Bonnie, this is quite a

Wow, Bonnie, this is quite a departure from the type of programs that you usually do.

I've been practicing Transcendental Meditation (as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) even longer than your guest Mr. Qwont has been teaching it. I can't vouch for Mr. Qwont, since I've never met him, but I can vouch for the benefits of practicing Transcendental Meditation, benefits discussed on your program and much more. Contrary to what your guest claims, meditation is NOT a substitute for sleep; Maharishi did not make such a claim, and I've never heard any TM teacher say such a thing. If you need 8 hours of sleep and you only get 5, meditation will not compensate for the lost 3 hours of sleep. On the other hand, getting a full night's sleep enhances the effects of meditation.

To anyone who is interested in learning meditation, I have the following advice: If you have a choice, learn Transcendental Meditation rather than the Quantum whatever-you-call-it meditation of Mr Kwont. Learn TM from a teacher who has not quit the movement that Maharishi founded and nurtured, because then you'll be tapping into a tradition that's thousands of years old, and you'll then be getting the teaching in its pure form.

From your interview with Mr Qwant, it sounds like one can benefit from what he has to teach, but if you later want to take your experience much further with the TM-Siddhi program, you'll only be eligible for that if you learn TM from an authorized TM teacher. Having practiced both TM and the Siddhi program, I can say that once you've learned how to meditate, you'll definitely want to learn the siddhis if you have that option. They are based on TM and are 1000 times as powerful.

For me TM was an excellent start, and the Siddhis accelerated the benefits of TM so rapidly that painful stress that I had carried for years, even with regular practice of TM, just suddenly, and I mean suddenly, disappeared within a couple days of learning the siddhis.

Regular practice of meditation will enable you to effortlessly radiate peace without even thinking about it, to the extent that you, we, can have a purifying influence upon those around us, even though they do not meditate. If only 1%, or more,of the population practices TM, it's powerful enough to reduce, and even eliminate humankind's tendency to commit crimes, wage war, and make people miserable. The happiness level of society increases, and beneficial things that we didn't think were possible, can become reality.

(By the way, I do not teach TM and I am not active in the TM movement.)

Thank you, Bonnie, for all your Guns & Butter programs. G&B is one of my all-time favorite radio shows. Your show is vital, and I wish more people would listen to it.

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