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Democracy Now! - August 23, 2012 at 9:00am

Democracy Now! (9 am), for August 23, 2012 - 9:00am

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Democracy Now!

Was Bay Area Radical, Black Panther Arms Supplier Richard Aoki an Informant for the FBI?; "Subversives": How the FBI Fought the 1960s Student Movement and Aided Reagan’s Rise to Power.

August 23, 2012

    CBO Warns U.S. Headed for Major Recession
    Obama Slams Romney Education Plan in Nevada Visit
    Romney Urges Supporters to Convert Swing Voters
    Ryan Seeks Distance from Akin After Rape Comment
    GOP Official Accused of Racist Comment in Ohio Voting Battle
    Heavy Fighting in Damascus Leaves 40 Dead
    Rebuffing U.S. and Israel, Ban to Attend Iran Summit
    Clashes Erupt Between Bahraini Police, Demonstrators at Funeral for Slain Protester
    Report: U.S. Charges Unlikely Against Assange
    Tropical Storm Isaac Approaches Haiti, Dominican Republic

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I think the interviews on

I think the interviews on this show need some powerful context to dispel some of the cloudy thinking embedded in the debate.

The author Rosenfeld's syntax & overly careful way of speaking reveals a tool or dupe of the police who he claims to have “compelled” to aid his research. A writer who is not deeply suspicious of an “ex”-agent who comes bearing gifts must be an idiot.

Let us do away with the silly notion that agents of secret police organizations (or journalists) in America are honorable truth-tellers or people with remarkable powers of observation and intellect. Nonsense.

The Freedom of Information Act is a joke. If you have ever looked at documents released from police organizations thanks to this act, you know they can be blacked out in their entirety, and when they're not blacked out, there are stunning instances of bad spelling, grammar, and logic in the “analyses” of these patriotic geniuses.

The use of informants in police work is second in stupidity only to the use of torture. Informants can be ignoramuses, simple liars, or enemies of their “handlers”. We all know that “informants” have been framing and fingering incredibly impressionable morons, only to earn their wage.

Last, the “Black Panthers” has become a buzzword or label that does little more than stoke fearful racism in old-school whites. The real history of the Panthers is more a case study of co-optation of a grassroots community movement by born self-promoters, and obvious carpetbaggers/infiltrators. In the end by the mid-70's, “Black Panther” was more of a media trope to smear black Americans than anything else.

I remember a great interview with an original Panther who laughed about carrying rifles and distributing cheap Red Books as a way to Freak Out the Establishment and get laid, whereas the late-emerging leaders of the “scary” Panthers speak like true Kool-Aid drinkers. Who you gonna believe?

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