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Cover to Cover with Denny Smithson - August 27, 2012 at 3:00pm

Cover to Cover Mondays, for August 27, 2012 - 3:00pm

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Denny Smithson I just heard

Denny Smithson
I just heard you on the air August 27, 2012 and remembered after listening to your jolly children’s book writer – as she went up and down in that cliché way people speak to children, as if they were dopey, and so the high tone is both annoying and also an indication of harmlessness. I noticed a friend of mine would talk to dogs that way on the street, and they would not bark. Must be the high tone that they recognize also as a harmless (dopey) human.

The matter that came to mind was your sneaking in the cough or clearing your throat. I have listened before and many times counted the coughs, and throat achammm ..or snorts, and wondered if you would ever figure out how to fix it. It occurs so many times one can begin to be fixated on your voice or nasal clog.

Sorry but to bring this up and not talk about your political view of books, your serious thinking and your own attitude toward the world however, there is a ‘message’ if not a commentary in the voice of each of the programmers.

I had some luck with Sasha Lilly talked to her about the voice up –women’s voices go up… and then go no where, and suggested she warm up – before the interview. I think it helped she may have stopped since there is not much change, now she stops and says “that” at the end of a thought.

Then too sent a note to Doug Henwood, who I think is rather knowledgeable about behind the economic news but I can’t always get it, since he speaks fast, has a nasal clog and can’t breath so sucks in air and runs on till the air runs out – fast. This causes the insights to be snappy and overrun the subject he is talking to.
I wrote him about it, and he said “The New York Thing.” So what! I listened again and finally realized he was sucking air because he can’t breath – the NY thing must be deviated clogged septum and sinus clogging and an old habit. Air pollution? No voice training so doesn’t breath properly even if he could, never warms up his voice before his program, thinks his ideas are more important then his delivery – writes them others read them but when he speaks them – mush or mash and half is lost.

As for you and your cough, clearing your throat as it were, or ahem… you might think of it as a necessary improvement of your clogging passages or sinuses’ or warming up before you go on—humm sing kids songs, out loud when driving or walking to the studio. Shake your head out, move your tongue around stretch your face, and eat some ginger or some herbal medicine before to clear your throat and nasal passages. Nedi pots? Or nasal saline wash, anything – stand on your head or yoga stance on your head upside down, forces the blood up the nose and then when you stand up it all comes down again with the phlegm.
These are a few things you might try, just to make your voice sound better, more interesting tones, less interjections or trying to hide those nasal throat clearings…. Or you could make a tape of them and play them while the music is on… so to get them out of the way.

I’m sure this is not the first time anyone said something about the clearing of the throat – if it ism, too bad.


(I must know you from years ago… )
I think to try to run for the Community watsit? so as to be able to advocate that the programmers have to warm up their voices, and gargle with salt water, take ginger, shake out their heads before going on the air, and then go to speech therapy, or voice coaches, join a chorus or see a dentist and get the shape of the mouth fixed. The good sounds might attract more donors.

uww yeah! Between wuchu sed

uww yeah! Between wuchu sed and muffled contacts by various devices - not studio quality - and deep accents of interviewees, I've turned off more than listened - tried and couldn't decipher enough to get the gist, let along to use the content. Oh- of course, we must all blame ourselves - so I get these very carefully chosen sound systems to fit my hearing condition, can easily understand from so many radio - and tv - sources - and not as you've said, here. Henwood hates me.

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