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Guns and Butter - September 5, 2012 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for September 5, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"9/11 and the Politics of War" with Christopher Bollyn

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(Greg Allen Getty) OK it's

(Greg Allen Getty) OK it's probably been said before but it bears repeating: "consuls" are state legation officers or similar. What you meant was consols., the abbreviation of "Consolidated Stocks", being interest-bearing debt obligations (bonds) of the British Government. In this expression "stock" is derived from from the usage of the tally sticks in which governmental debt was evidenced by marked pieces of wood which were split down the centre thereby providing an original evidence of debt for the creditor and a counterpart for the Crown/Government to preclude the risk of fraud.

I was so interested inmost of

I was so interested inmost of what Bollyn said, that I looked around the internet for more info on him. I liked the photos of him, wife and child. I guess they will be okay in Utah. I certainly don't trust the government police (goons) who roughed him up and kept him in jail, to learn respect no doubt. I don't believe that those seeking the facts about 9/11 are writing books to earn a living and move to Beverly Hills. Doing book tours is not a good life either.

I looked up the word genocide today on my Mac dictionary. The brief meaning is "the deliberate killing of a large group of people". Although I have never thought our own government would do such a thing, I sense America is adrift and most do not have the will to question those actions that make no sense.

Just a few days ago I had some time for coffee at Peet's in Bkly and to read a Sunday NYT article from 4-29-12 about the Aleppo Codex with mentions of Zion, something I know nothing about. Sounds like another secret society.

I ordered Bollyn's Solving 9-11 book today from Amazon. I want to read it slowly. The interview whet my appetite for what he may have put in writing. I feel Bonnie has done the right thing by exposing her audience to various writers. I'm not a writer.

Jaysus. Some of you people

Jaysus. Some of you people wiouldn't know the truth if it bit you on the ass. Mr. Bollyn is not lying.

No ‘Red Line’ for Israel By

No ‘Red Line’ for Israel

By Gilad Atzmon

[correcting typos and

[correcting typos and supplementing my previous post]
Bollyn is a CIA disinformationist whose CIA JOB is to dangle desired information as bait but tied to holocaust denial neo-Nazi websites, like his primary publisher, American Free Press, and thus repel naive people from the entire CIA-enforced info-ghetto of 'conspiracy theory' with the perceived theme of 'kooky paranoid Jew-haters.' The OTHER tactic of CIA disinformation is to tie information to 'kooky UFO-crop circle-woo-woo' nonsense that the CIA and Pentagon have themselves constructed for precisely this deterrent purpose. Other spook-run (CIA, MI6) 'conspiracy theory' websites that do this *fake anti-semitic* deterrent association are and in the UK No surprise that KPFA just played a pitiful UFO show last night on 'Radio Chronicles.' 100% CIA disinfo intended to discredit 9/11 truth programming and all of Pacifica. So. Who put that shite on the air? Hmmmm? I know Bonnie Faulkner is HEROICALLY on our side but just got chumped by this slick infiltrating Bollyn professional asshole who used all the keywords and themes he intended ("Zionist media, Rothschild bankers, secret Jewish societies" to EVOKE the dreaded 'Elders of Zion' meme while seeming to just be a 'Zionist expert.' See if his profile doesn't perfectly match a CIA career in disinformation...When someone tells you "Zionists run the media," you have a disinformationist stirring the pot. Because in the US the military and CIA and State Department have run media since WWII when the Office of War Information and Office of Special Services ran the media for the (now permanent) war effort. Live and learn. But who the hell put "UFO visitors" on the damn air? No excuse for that CIA crap on progressive anti-Gestapo anti-CIA Pacifica radio. The subject of CIA media has been censored for decades at Pacifica and entirely overlooked at Project Censored in favor of a lame "corporate media" substitution that the CIA developed in the mid-70s to displace the Church Committee and Carl Bernstein exposures of Psychological Operations and Operation Mockingbird. This omission, this blind spot must change damn fast to educate people to the subtle tricks and not-so-subtle ones, too. For more on Bollyn's shtick see this website-

While they were funding

While they were funding Napoleon, the Rothschild banksters used Judendeutsch (German written in Hebrew script) to cross battle lines in wars they armed both sides of (starting a run on the Bank of England by openly selling British Consuls after the battle of Waterloo, making everyone think Wellington had lost, then quietly buying them up at a 20 to 1 profit)...the Rockefeller family inherited the wealth and propensity for 'inside jobs' but not the 'religion' ...a thousand years before, with Mosaic law forbidding usury for Catholics on one side and the Muslims on the other their Khazar ancestors chose to feign Judaism to evade its precepts. In 1895 Tel Aviv was founded with this loot, Lord Balfour prohibited sanctuary in England for Jews during the pogroms of eastern Europe but the Balfour Declaration committing England to the colonial project was quid pro quo for bringing the US into WWI on the side of Britain ...and a half a century later, with the strong arming by Nelson Rockefeller for them to accept the existence of the Nazi perpetrators of the Jewish holocaust and the American supporters behind them incorporated into the US government, the colonial state was born...Israel was wedded to evil from birth I (not Christopher) might say. Declining a leadership position in the new state, Einstein thought Judaism would not survive a project of temporal power ...and when this hippie vegetarian reads from the Essene Gospel of Moses "Thou shalt take the life of no living thing...Thou shalt not disrespect love, the sacred gift...not trade thy soul for riches...not bear false witness of the law to use it against another rings like a bell...

I hesitate to criticize

I hesitate to criticize Bonnie also, but I agree with your take on Bollyn and the whole subtle,slippery slope towards holocaust denial. His associates are unsavory. In her defense, though, it takes more time than most people have to keep up with all the disinfo out there.

the truth is unbearable,lies

the truth is unbearable,lies are easy to believe if you desire them sooths a persons conscencious for all the killing

Christopher Bollyn presents

Christopher Bollyn presents documentation to back his thesis. Instead of calling it anti-Semetic, simply discredit the information he provides. His conclusions are chilling but conducive to my life experiences which are an emobodiment of penetrating several layers of the onion. To conspire is to plan in secret with the implication that it is illegal or evil. Income tax evasion is a common conspiracy. Price fixing is a conspiracy. So let's abandon the unproductiove introduction of conspiracy or anti-Semitism. Jews can plan illegal activities too. There is simply too much credible information provided here and I would encourage those diagreeing to bring forward a reasonable documented argument. Leave beliefs and emotional rhetoric off the table. The CIA supports international drug trafficking for a variety of reasons. Means to an end. The arms supplied to favour the Sinaloa cartel under the Fast and Furious, as Mayo's son now testifies to in Chicago were part of an agreement, means to a mutual end. To come to an understanding of the forces that shape world history is also to accept that we in the west criminally and immorally pursue and secure an unfair economic advantage over the majority of humanity. We justify this to ourselves in numberous ways. Stratefying humanity and making distinctions of 'infidels' or 'gentiles' is a convoluted expression of 'anthropocentic, ethnicprocentric, genderprocentric or a myriad of mindsets that ultimately are an expression of a fear of death. That is my opinion. Looking forward to hard evidence to counter and disprove Christopher's thesis. Let the Hegelian discourse begin.

Well said, Ralph. It seems,

Well said, Ralph. It seems, for the most part, we, Americans prefer ignorance to enlightenment or serious inquiries toward the truth. It's just way too depressing for most of us, who prefer to entertain ourselves to death. Hopefully, Guns and Butter listeners aren't like that. Peace.

I agree with Anabelle: Please

I agree with Anabelle: Please prove the facts revealed by Bollyn are wrong, rather than attacking him personally. I would also like to see anyone prove the facts revealed in video are wrong. Bollyn's book "Solving 911" and "" are two of the best sources of TRUTH about 911...

Black operations (or "black

Black operations (or "black ops") have been proven through declassified documents. If I recall correctly, the CIA-backed coup of democratically-elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende, in 1973, is one such example. The assassination of JFK is, plausibly, another. Also, check out Catherine Austine Fitts analysis of a "black budget." (See transcripts on Media Roots of Unpacking Mr. Global.)

So, the idea the ruling-class doesn't operate in a clandestine fashion is absurd. Even congress operates behind closed doors. The faux drama we see, like the fake 'debt cieling crisis' (see Richard Wolff's analysis), is just to keep the people divided along a false left/right paradigm. All the real decisions are made behind closed doors.

By the way, check out transcripts of MMT coverage by Guns and Butter at Media Roots to see why the U.S. is not in debt, how the U.S. does not "borrow dollars" from China, and other myths shown to be false.

Lastly, we cannot dismiss the injustices of imperialism, neither, by the USA, nor by zionists occupying Palestine.

How was this analysis

How was this analysis "anti-semitic"?

Speaking for myself, I did

Speaking for myself, I did not find this anti-Semitic. The thing that terrified me about the content was about how the melted steel kept boiling in the rubble and how nanoparticles of steel were in the air and captured by a UC Davis professor (Cahill) (in the residual smoke). And then after that whole event how Bollyn was harassed by unknown government paramilitary. Unfortunately, the way it is described sounds plausible. Parts of the interview were rambling.

The "rambling" part must be

The "rambling" part must be the bit wherein Faulkner asked Bollyn about his travels through the Middle East. All in all, it's a worthy interview, especially because his apparent expertise on the Middle East raised many flags about zionist aspects I'd never heard about. I appreciated that. Now, we can fact-check those assertions ourselves. Guns and Butter deserves to be on national prime-time TV.

This anti-Semitic strain of

This anti-Semitic strain of 9/11 Truth is ridiculous. Doesn't anyone seem to notice how it always dovetails back into the same old (more than a century old, in fact!), tired, discredited mumblings about secret societies and the protocols of the elders of blah-blah-blah? The gloss of calling it "anti-Zionism" wears thin quickly; this is anti-Semitism. This is what the Nazis believed in. It discredits actual investigative journalism and plays right into the hands of censors.

"The Protocols of the Elders

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was never brought up in this interview. You lose credibility when you go pulling that historical hoax out as a means to smear this guy. That said, though the author seems quite well-meaning and genuine of a personality, he probably has been influenced somewhat by the disgusting neonazis who have been endeavouring to infiltrate the 9/11 Truth movement for a long time now. This dovetails with the thesis that 3rd Reich types.. including direct associates.. were behind the evil Middle Easterners (15 of the 19 were Saudi nationals, recall..) indeed, their HANDLERS as you can read in the books of Daniel Hopsicker ( who made many appearances on the now-dormant "For the Record" radio show, which is fortunately all archived and free to download ( or )... what would be interesting would be to have Emory on for an interview in the interest of "equal time".. maybe even a debate format some time in future. (Please don't just cover this during Septembers, Bonnie! Thanks.)

Hopsicker and Emory's

Hopsicker and Emory's information is interesting, as is Indira Singh's.

I never said Bollyn explicitly mentions the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in this interview (he doesn't), but read his own website, where he states and I quote: "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is certainly not a "hoary fake", and is most likely the protocols from a meeting of the leaders of the B'nai B'rith."

Search it yourself.

(And he's utterly wrong about the fake Protocols, by the way.)

AND he used to write for The

AND he used to write for The Spotlight, American Nazi Willis Carto's paper, when it was called The American Free Press. Does that ring any bells for anyone?

This is ridiculous. How did this guy ever get on Guns and Butter????

Thanks for the info,

Thanks for the info, syndicalist. References and resources are always useful.

Putting aside the attempted

Putting aside the attempted 'rehabilitation' of this discredited guest, Zionists are cowards and thieves who bully the occupied Palestinians, foment chaos and anarchy world-wide, while still claiming superiority to the 'goyim', and claiming "divine right", while being avowed Atheists.

If the non-semitic, 'jewish' "semites" resent being lumped with Zionists, they better make that distinction loud and clear. Or, they will be painted with that same brush. You aren't fooling anyone. Your time is up. You stand alone. Your History precedes you.

The post above (by chili

The post above (by chili boots) is exactly what I was talking about in all my posts. It starts out being "anti-Zionist" and winds up with that certain creepy, militant, unmistakable tone of the hard right. That's not my 9/11 Truth.

Who discredited the guest?

Who discredited the guest? Thanks.

For starters check out

For starters check out Bollyn's profile on the Encyclopedia of American Loons. While I won't vouch for their dismissal of any other 9/11 critic (they dismiss all of them, which I don't agree with), I will say their profile of Bollyn was confirmed for me by further reading about him. He blames "The Jews" (or the shadowy people "behind them") for 911. That's kooky.

Israel/Palestine is a whole

Israel/Palestine is a whole other kettle of fish, having absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.” -Thomas Pynchon

(OK, I'll stop posting now. I'm beginning to understand how people get sucked into pointless arguments online.)

Thanks, anyway, GnB Listener.

Thanks, anyway, GnB Listener. I don't think these discussions are pointless, as long as we debate the issues not the people. We need more debate and argument, as long as it's respectful. That's how we may understand one another and, hopefully, build community and solidarity, despite differences of opinions. In the end, we all have much more in common, as a working-class, than we think.

(And now back to my homework. Lol.)

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