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The Visionary Activist - Journeying Through the Demon Country - September 6, 2012 at 2:00pm

The Visionary Activist Show, for September 6, 2012 - 2:00pm

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The Visionary Activist - Journeying Through the Demon Country

Caroline hosts Greg Pallast, his book: "Billionaires and Bandits: Koch gang, Karl Rove & Their Buck Buddies: American democracy is under assault."
In one super-PAC alone, Karl Rove and the Enron grifter Ed Gillespie, have assembled $200 million from big polluters and Wall Street moguls to buy the 2012 election. Two of the Koch Brothers, Charles and David, pledged $130 million to elect candidates who favor unrestrained corporate profiteering."

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Thanks for the archives... I

Thanks for the archives... I am getting caught up on back episodes. ... This was an awesome one (as they all are). I got an idea... Maybe we should get a foreign country to come in and MONITOR our election to make sure it is done "democratically", the way it is done in other "suspect" nations.

I appreciate Palast's

I appreciate Palast's research and efforts to educate the public. Still the corruption of the corporate party and their assault on the the people will not win my vote for a "lesser evil". The 99% need to take control of the entire system from the 0.01%, the 1%, and regressives of all strata and stripes that will side with the likes of Koch Industries, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, the MIC ... We outnumber them all, and we need to use our strength (non-violent, mass action). Vote for Jill Stein, and hit the street together. Fifteen percent of the vote for Jill Stein will be huge win (granted, they will and probably have been stealing that 15% for a long time).

After listening to Norman Finkelstein's talk about Ghandi's writings recently, here is how I think the people might eventually win: At some point, they will revolt. Violence by the people won't work, so we have to hope it will be minimal and change to coordinated nonviolent resistance ASAP. The state, with their armies and police, will bring violence on the people. That is already happening daily, but many don't see it yet (heavily screened out of mainstream media as it is). As conditions decline and state violence escalates (by degrees and by significant events), more people will side with The People (by degrees and by significant events). Almost everyone is afraid to march against an armed oppressor and challenge them to do what they must in front of the world, but some probably will. Many others will reach a point, where they will resist in some way. The people won't ultimately get to pick the state's individual targets. They can coordinate to get the state to expose itself through its violence, and thereby, the peoples' power will grow. When the people sufficiently coordinate and organize, they will win.

It seems we will all suffer escalation of state violence, at least indirectly, and regardless what happens in the corporate political system. Voting for Jill Stein is a small act to facilitate thinking and working together as a people toward a sustainable society. If she is elected, the corporate system will use any and all means to destroy the arrangement. The people still need to create their own democracy from scratch. If the corporate party wins the election, the people just start further in the hole, but the struggle continues until the last living person ends their struggle against corporate enslavement. Register again and again, and follow Palast's advice to get your vote counted, but never quit working to dismantle the Oligarchy.

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