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Guns and Butter - September 12, 2012 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for September 12, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"What Didn't Hit the Pentagon" with Dave vonKleist, Barbara Honegger and April Gallop. Dave vonKleist examines mainstream media coverage of the attack on the Pentagon; Pentagon survivor April Gallop describes her experiences on September 11th, 2001, her first day back at work after maternity leave, as an administrative specialist with the U.S. Army at the Pentagon; and Barbara Honegger, senior military affairs journalist and former White House policy analyst, discusses her article, "The Pentagon Attack Papers". (Encore presentation.)

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Disappointed in you airing

Disappointed in you airing such flawed information.

The Journal of 9/11 Studies has looked at the Pentagon and the 'evidence" shows that a 757 most likely hit the Pentagon. My favourite radio show just made me realize how easy it is to be fooled unfortunately this time they are the fools :-(

As well intentioned this episode may be it demonstrates that truthers are too quick to believe they can understand complex scientific situations without hard evidence or subject knowledge.

Kind regards John Bursill - Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Boeing 737, 767 and 747

If possible, could you please

If possible, could you please point to the exact peer-reviewed report/citation within Journal for 9/11 studies which suggests the likelihood of 757 hitting the Pentagon, thus refuting eyewitness testimony, Fire Dept Personnel, & the complete confiscation/suppression of said CCTV footage by the FBI?

as they say Truth is powerful

as they say Truth is powerful lies are easy to believe if they justify your ends

Thanks for broadcasting this

Thanks for broadcasting this programme. I had never heard it before. And I really appreciate having the opportunity to do so. I wish there was a solid website for Guns and Butter where archives may be accessed easily in a searchable database, but last I checked the Guns and Butter website had been under reconstruction. And I know Faulkner and company operate as volunteers, so I'm certainly not faulting them.

That's also why I've contributed transcripts for Guns and Butter and published them at and at (And by the way, I've transcribed 9/11 material for Media Roots, such as "Breaking Apart the 9/11 Coincidence Theory," and I don't recall hearing about April Gallop, nor Barbara Honegger. I'll have to check again. So, it's much appreciated.)

Thanks again, Guns and Butter! Peace.

Good show, but it's five

Good show, but it's five years old. Since then, Barbara Hoenegger (that's the most common spelling i've found) has strengthened her case that the Pentagon damage largely resulted from explosions set inside rather than from any flying object which might or might not have hit it. In particular, this has to do with severe damage and deaths to certain areas inside the Pentagon which were NOT on the path supposedly taken by the plane after impact through several rings of the building.
Barbara's most recent presentation was at the Vancouver ( "hearings." She was on the radio with Tod Fletcher, former Guns and Butter producer, yesterday on the Gary Null Show (WBAI at noon NY time),

Thanks, Jeff!

Thanks, Jeff!

Amazing. We now have the

Amazing. We now have the events that veiled 911 extremely well researched, investigaed and documented. I cannot imagine this can be sidetracked as long as the Kennedy assasination. America wake up! The rest of the world mourns your ill health and the deplorable state of your citizens welfare. Join the rest of humanity, grow up and dispell the fear that expresses itself in fear through war. Peace can only be attained through love. It starts with overcoming self loathing...

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